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@well.bein  Sasha, 22 yo 🌻 Mental Health & Wellness • Lifestyle • Vegan • Travel ✨ If it weren't for the darkness, we would never see the stars.

4 hours ago

As a child I didn't want to be a ballerina. I was confused as to why I wasn't a princess. And I wanted to be a pirate ⚔️ what did you want to be when you grew up? #childhood #wellbein

4 days ago

Dinner outside of cold salads, falafels, roasted aubergines, butternut squash salad in this beautiful weather, in my childhood home with my folks✨😍 #wellbein

1 week ago

Today I learnt more about coping with emotions. And how you can never guess what is in someone else's head...so why waste time wondering? The only thing you can know for a fact is how you feel and then how you cope and manage these. Less of the rumination and catastrophising, more of the self awareness and dealing with how you feel. And focusing on the moment rather than worrying about the past or the future. Oh, and stop berating yourself. Ignore that inner critic - which we all have - who can sometimes take over and dominate you. I'm taking baby steps here, trying to turn these things that are easier said than done into reality 👣Happy Tuesday you wonderful people ✨🌻 #wellbein

1 week ago

I love this spot ✨

2 weeks ago

Standing with the lily pads on a rainy summer's day and exploring beautiful gardens. 🌻 It's a beautiful retreat from the horrific attacks that have happened so recently in Manchester and London. My heart goes out for the innocent lives lost and all those affected by the attacks. Thank you to emergency services who responded so quickly and heroically. 🖤 When terrorism strives to divide us, undermine us and destruct us, we show solidarity, care, bravery, compassion. We will not live our lives based on fear; we will not allow our lives to be dictated by terrorism. ▪️ It's times like these I remember the fragility of life; it reinforces that I never want to leave on a bad note with the people I love, and it's never too much to tell the people you care about how much you love and value them. ✨

3 weeks ago

I'm trying a new initiative where I (attempt to) walk 10k steps everyday (we'll see how long this lasts...)! But it has made me plug into a podcast and start walking and exploring - leading me to beautiful little places that I wouldn't otherwise have noticed. I just thought this was a perfect shot with the beautiful shop front and the sweet little doggie just posing for me au naturale 🐾 I love this city so much; and I get excited living here - the novelty has still not worn off! ✨✨ #wellbein

3 weeks ago

We went exploring and walking for the day, and crossed this beautiful old bridge - and hey yep that's me! 👋🏼 Day trips and long walks in the warmth are definitely my kind of thing ✨ #wellbein

4 weeks ago

I'm very excited to be collaborating with Barbas & Zacari; I love these stunning @barbasandzacari timepieces😍 An Aus based company that gives back to the community by donating $5 from every sale to Cancer Research. Get 20% off today and free shipping with the code "WELL.BEIN" at www.barbasandzacari.com #barbasandzacari #yourtimeisvaluable ✨✨ You know I'm a huge fan of 'treat yourself' - and even better to do so and know that you're helping make the world a better place ✨ #treatyourself #wellbein

1 month ago

Exploring the picturesque Oxford on a late spring afternoon 🌸 blissful; check out the blue blue sky 😍 side note - do you see aeroplanes and wonder where they're going? ✈️ ✨ #wellbein

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