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1 day ago

Revelling in the feeling of being h a p p y ✨🐳 it's amazing how quickly corners can be turned and brightness can be found ✨😌 happy Wednesday folks 💛 #happiness #whaleofatime #wellbein

2 days ago

Tb to our Oreo picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower and trying to take arty shots of both these wonderful monuments 😋✨🍪 #Oreo #Paris #vegan #wellbein

3 days ago

MAY I PRESENT TO YOU THE PIZZA OF DREAMS😋 with mushrooms, caramelised onions, fakon, 'chicken' and cheeze 👌🏼✨ what a way to round off a fab weekend😌 #pizza #vegan #wellbein

5 days ago

Afternoons spent at a pottery class and then decorating our creations is a new creative outlet I've started, one that is really therapeutic and calming, locking me right in the moment. It's good to try out different things and see what activities and distractions work for you. I have warned my close family to expect lots of handmade crockery for christmases and birthdays 😂✨🎨 #pottery #therapeutic #wellbein

1 week ago

Today I'm feelin' B•O•L•D ✨✨ the beauty of anxiety is that when it's not there you really notice just how wonderful and liberating this life can be. I notice more. I appreciate the little things. I feel more energised and alert. I feel more confident and give less f*cks about what other people think. Here's to feeling good, to self love, to seeing all the good there is and remembering that goodness and happiness will come even if you have to wait for the difficult days to pass. Just keep going; you'll thank yourself later ✨✨ #happydays #loveyourself #thiswillpass #nofucks #wellbein

1 week ago

Nothing like buying some freshly baked sour dough bread from your local bakery plus supporting a little business. I love the village feeling and idea of supporting your community (and also love the idea of avocado 🥑 on fresh bread to brighten any brekkie or lunch!) 😋✨ #itsthelittlethings #wellbein

1 week ago

Stumbling across beautiful shop fronts, such as this ballet shop with piles and piles of silk shoes. Oh London ✨✨ #ballet #explore #wellbein

1 week ago

The perfect way to start the day: breakfast in bed of granola, blueberries and almond milk whilst writing my gratefulness journal, to reinforce all the good memories I have had over the last few days ✨✨ #goodmorning #gratefulnessjournal #grateful #wellbein

1 week ago

Finding a sleepy kitty in a labyrinth of a bookshop in the middle of Paris, whilst a man played piano in an adjacent room and pink blossom fell on the sunny streets outside. Oh Paris 🌹 #shakespeareandcompany #wellbein

1 week ago

We climbed the Arc De Triomphe and on the way down were greeted by a marching band and some French veterans, who were flying the French flag in some sort of ceremony. It was great to be caught up right in the middle of something positive and patriotic. I call it serendipity; it's all about life's little details 🇫🇷 ✨ #serendipity #wellbein

1 week ago

Happy Easter you wonderful people! I hope you're spending this weekend with people you love, eating nice food (and lots of choc!!), relaxing, enjoying some time out and time off, treating yourself, and allowing yourself to just BE in the moment, reminding yourself of all that is good in your life and all you have going for you. Here's to happy days 🐣🐥🐰🌼🌞🌾💛✨ #wellbein

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