Vaishnavi Andhale

@vaishnavi_andhale  Life is all about Creating Yourself ❤

13 hours ago

If you ever see a bad picture of yourself just think about sunsets. Have you ever tried to take a pic of sunset ? And it turned out crappy? I mean it could be the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen in your life and the photo looks ...meh ! That doesn't mean the sunset isn't breathtaking , it just means the camera can't handle it's beauty ... YOU are a gorgeous sunset. Never forget that 😉❤💯

3 days ago

Guess what I'm wearing? The Smile that You gave me 😉👻

5 days ago

Make it simple , but significant 🌸

1 week ago

But then we always fall for the wrong person. Because the right ones will never let us fall.

1 week ago

If you're reading this and you're not happy right now , you will be. I don't know what you are going through. Everyone has their own type of darkness and they're trying to make sense of, but no matter how dark it gets, you'll do it. Things will get better , you will get better . Life will become better and you will look back on days like these when you couldn't look forward an hour , let alone the next day . When you do , you'll smile...maybe even laugh ; then I'll hit you. You turned out just fine ! 😉

1 week ago

not what you're used to

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