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1 day ago

Ok but seriously, I'm obsessed with her. Savy Jane is all over my story today sharing her favorite pieces from the @kohls #BeautyAndTheBeast collection. "First I’m gonna try on all my sparkly ones" 😂 I literally can't make this stuff up you guys, her imagination just kills me! What are your favorite pieces from the collection? #ad #kohls

2 days ago

I've got a big lump in my throat saying goodbye to these two! They've literally been with me through it all. I can't even tell you the gallons of ice cream we've eaten (or pizza 🙈) supporting each other through life's ups and downs. They keep me grounded. They tell me when I'm being unreasonable, support me when I'm struggling. They help me show kindness and see life with a new and fresh perspective. I just love them. If Savy can't have a sister, who knows maybe one day she will, but if she can't, I sure hope she finds friends who will love her just the same. Who are the girls you turn to?

3 days ago

My sisters are so dumb, go watch my instastory… they basically just make fun of me all day 😂!!!! After lunch by the pool we took the shuttle from the @pelicanhillresort (please stay there, it is ahhmazing 💃🏼) down to Crystal Cove beach and you guys — I’m dead. Pack all my things, I’m moving to Cali 🌴. If you’re in the area, you need to snag an Oreo shake from Ruby’s Shake Shack and next time we’re renting bikes 🚴. PS, Hayley says the Cookie Dough is better and Mel says the Strawberry is best... but they’re liars. And dumb. hahahahaha 😂 #sisterrivalryatitsbest #bestdayever

3 days ago

We will be here alllllll dayyyyy. Why does California have the best weather ever?! 🌴Thanks @pelicanhillresort for having us, the views and food have been amazing!!! Go checkout my instastory guys... we've been star gazing for over an hour... 😏 #kevincostner outfit details 👉🏻

4 days ago

This picture makes us look normal... but as you all know, we are not. 😂 Our husbands surprised us with a trip to Disney Land for our birthdays. Aren't they the nicest?! It's been pretty much amazing, I'm so grateful for these two and honestly have no idea where I'd be without them. Tell Brian Savy needs a sister mmk?! 😂 ALSO, I've been getting a TON of comments about these shirts. I've linked my outfit + a few other favs 👉🏻 #DisneyLand #happiestplaceonearth #happybirthdays

6 days ago

"If you asked me to turn back the clock, I wouldn’t do it. I’m looking forward to getting older! Not super excited about dealing with all the wrinkles 😂 but I would so much rather have wrinkles than go back to a time in my life where I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted out of life. When you go through hard things, when you are forced into a place you know nothing of and have no choice but to be stretched in every single way, you learn to give yourself grace. You realize how incredibly tuff you are. You learn to show compassion, kindness, and empathy. There is still so much I have yet to learn and I am hopeful that in ten years from now I’ll be able to come back here and tell you all the things I've learned and why I’d never go back to being 30!" More old lady 👵🏻 thoughts on the blog!! + go find out where I'm headed right now!!! ✈️ #dirtythirty || 📸 @lunalucie ||

1 week ago

#ad DAILY DEAL ALERT!!!!! @PanasonicBeauty literally has one of my favorite beauty tools and it's Amazon’s Deal of the Day today! So naturally I had to pop in and tell you about it. The 3-in-1 Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device is incredibly gentle, which is why I jumped ship from my old cleansing brush. You can remove makeup with the warming tip, then use the ultra-soft brush and luxurious micro-foam (it’s created from within the tool when you use a foaming cleanser) to cleanse skin! Checkout the link in my bio for the deal + read through the reviews and see if it's what you've been looking for. Love you babes!

1 week ago

Be still my beating heart. Are you kidding me? They're holding hands 😭. Guys. THEY'RE HOLDING HANDS!!! Ugh I love them so much! 👶🏼👶🏻 Checkout my instastories... I swear, they're gonna be the death of me 😂 #kaiandcoop #bffs #brothers

1 week ago

It's fine... It's fine. I'm fine... 👵🏻 haha!! Today marks a new chapter for me and gotta tell ya, I am really excited about it!! There will be more on the blog later, lots of deep old lady thoughts hahaha so make sure to check back in. ☘️ Happy St Patrick's Day everybody!!! #wrinklesarentoneofthem | 📸 @lunalucie

1 week ago

Does anyone else have the hardest time finding dress clothes? I am barely 5'2" so everything is either too long or too short or too weird or too low in the back or too hoochy-mama for church 😂. For real. I struggle. WHERE DO YOU PEOPLE SHOP? Tag your favorite boutiques below 🙏🏻!!! In the mean time, I've rounded up a few of my dress up favorites. And guys, I'm embarrassed to admit this but I own all those sandals 🙈. And they're legit 💃🏼. So is the clutch. Mmk it's on the blog if you want 💕

1 week ago

Being a mom is hard stinking work! Half the time I'm chasing someone off the table 😏, searching for misplaced socks or backpacks or frantically making lunch with two babies hollering at me! It's constant chaos. But I'm so in love with the job. These kids make me laugh, ALL DAY. Their heads fit perfectly on my shoulder when they need a snuggle and they think I know all the answers 💃🏼. I can't help but think how beautiful this crazy life is. So don't be discouraged mama, it's only like this for a brief moment... 💕

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