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@twistmepretty  I kinda like braids & I kinda like babies! #twinmom 4 kids in 🖐🏻 yrs & blogging all our adventures! 💋lip biz @twistmeprettylips + 👻twistmepretty2

1 day ago

Today I wrote a post called... How to not suck at being healthy. The very first sentence includes a disclaimer that I had just eaten an entire bag of chocolates... It's fine. It's fine. But you should seriously go read it cause I'm on a roll with my #keepinitreal2017 promise 😂. But hey- my outfit is DANG cute and I'm a firm believer in compression pants + classy tops that don't show allll the things. If you know what I'm sayin 😏. This little ensemble here is from @GapFactory. Head to the blog for all the things and to of course be enlightened. You know... so you can learn how to not suck at being healthy haha!!! #GetFitInGapFactory #ad

1 day ago

Happy birthday to my little FIVE year old! Savy Jane, if I only get one daughter, I'm so grateful it's you. Loving you has been a splendid adventure! You are the kindest, the craziest, the most imaginative. You must wear tutus with all your outfits, you hate socks. You love baking, your dolls and dressing up. You love unconditionally. You're my bff till the end, girl and I'm so so grateful for you. Happy Birthday! 🎉 @savyjane1

2 days ago

When you're given more than you can bear... a post on the blog about love, loss and a promise that we're never alone. I love you dear Ashley, @theshineproject we are praying our hearts out for you. Xo

3 days ago

There's just something about a little boy in sweats and a button up... x2? My heart may explode. Anyone else have a thing for babies and sweats?! #brothers #kaiandcoop #haircuts

6 days ago

"The thing about children is while they create most of the stress, they also have a beautiful way of pulling you out of it. Your life isn’t just about you anymore… serving them, finding ways to make them happy, teaching them, praying for them, and being their person is the biggest blessing" ... Sharing some thoughts on motherhood on the blog + I snapped a picture of what I was *actually* wearing while writing it... 😏 it's my favorite part! #keepinitreal2017 I'm almost a week late sharing here on IG but such is my life lately ha! xo link in profile!

1 week ago

This. Little. Mister. 🐵😂 Did you guys enjoy my snapchat yesterday?! Bahaha you're welcome. I can't even with this kid, it's all day long with him 🏃🏼‍♀️!!! He's CRAZY!!! When he's happy, he is literally THE happiest little person on the dang planet. And when he's not? Well... I don't want to talk about it... 😖😂 so extreme! Can anyone else relate?! 🙋🏼He's such a goof ball though, I just love him to pieces!!! #kaibug #kaicreighton #kaiandcoop

1 week ago

Well... at least Savy was kind of paying attention 😂 #HISday

2 weeks ago

I was so nervous to share yesterday's blog post --- thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for your sweet comments. I've been inspired by every single one. If you haven't read it, I'm sharing why I've been silent and how we are moving forward 👱🏻👱🏻‍♀️👦🏼👧🏼👶🏼👶🏻. I love you guys!!!

3 weeks ago

"Look for Christ and you will find Him. And with Him, everything else" || MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 🎄 It was a tornado of wrapping paper, the yummiest of foods and inspiring sermons. Savy said, "Mom... I just really wanna give Jesus a big, warm hug". Me too Savy, me too. I hope the rest of your holidays are merry and bright, and that you each find a way to give Jesus a big, warm hug! || #LightTheWorld #HISday . 👉🏻

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