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@twistmepretty  I kinda like braids & I kinda like babies! #twinmom 4 kids in 🖐🏻 yrs & blogging all our adventures! 💋lip biz @twistmeprettylips + 👻twistmepretty2

17 hours ago

Our new home 🏡. Haha jk this is the garage we've been storing all our crap in. Wish us luck though caaausssse there's a lot of it 🤣. Find me on instastory later, I'll show you around the new digs 💃🏼

1 day ago

You wanna know what the super big grin is for?! WE JUST CLOSED ON OUR HOME! 💃🏼 Moving day is tomorrow, not super excited about that but I'm so so happy to be out of this weird limbo phase! And to finally have an internet connection 😂☠. So who wants to help unload boxes 📦 tomorrow? 🙋🏼🤣 fun smith trivia: Brian and I have moved 12 times in 9 years... I know, I know. I deserve a 🥇 #thesmithstakeorem

4 days ago

I still have 15 minutes until v-day is over... this still totally counts!! I'm laying here watching Netflix and listening to @_bsmith59_ snore super loud, like I can't believe he hasn't woken himself up 😂 haha!!! And all I can think is fight for the fairytale guys. Cause it exists. Happy Valentine's my loves! ❤️

5 days ago

GALENTINES GIVEAWAY!! ❤️ I'm teaming up with some of my favorite gal pals @theshineproject and @jennaskitchen to giveaway some of our most girly must haves! Who doesn't want jewelry, lipstick and essential oils to brighten their day?? If you win here's what you'll get: Jenna's favorite pink and red labeled oils, a Lipsense Collection + hand crafted Shine Project Bracelets for you AND a friend. All of this is worth over $300 big ones! Here's how to enter:: 1. Follow @twistmepretty @theshineproject and @jennaskitchen because we promise to be some of your best girlfriends 💋 2. Leave a comment tagging your bestie and if you want, tell us why you love her! 3. ❤️ this pic! Winner will be picked Feb.15!

6 days ago

"We can give our children education, lessons, the arts, and material possessions, but if we do not give them faith in Christ, we have given them little" - Kevin W. Pearson || I'm so grateful for these little people!! They inspire and encourage me every day to be a better and more Christ-like person. I know the world will tell us our kids need more things, but really they just need our time, love, and faith in the Savior. ❤️ #HISday #imamormon more in the link in my bio ☺️

6 days ago

When kai's neck was so fat we couldn't button his shirt up all the way 😂😭!! I don't know why I'm so sentimental with these two as of late but I seriously can't even deal. THEY WERE SO LITTLE!! #kaiandcoop

1 week ago

Be still my beating heart. Guys. They're so naughty!! Like the naughtiest. And they team up on me on the daily. They think it's hilarious to get into my makeup, to draw all over the walls. They like chucking fruit from the fridge and pulling books off the shelves. But then I find pictures like this one. Where I'm like ---- you can do whatever you want. I am smitten. #kaiandcoop

1 week ago

Ok so my kids are heading into their third school this year... THIRD 😩!! Without the support of their amazing teachers, who have really gone the extra mile to help them feel included, to make friends, and show them so much kindness, I'm sure they would be feeling so much more pressure and stress from the changes of all these moves. So for Valentine's Day we wanted to help celebrate the unsung heroes in the classroom with @mercichocolates 🍫 - their brand is kind of amazing. They are selling these cute little boxes of chocolates at Target that are specially packaged for teachers. AND THEY'RE ONLY $4.99! And they're delicious. Head over to the blog to see how we made it special for the kids and don't forget that Valentine's Day ❤️ is so much more than just celebrating a romantic relationship!! It's about celebrating all those relationships that have left such a sweet impression!! Do you have your kids bring teacher gifts for V-Day? Has one teacher gone above and beyond for you? Praise them in the comments!! #givemerci #ad

1 week ago

I hereby present to you the most beautiful naked cake you'll ever make. I know, I know. I have mad baking skills... 😂 #psych . Do people still say that?! Anyway, this is seriously the easiest cake. You cannot mess it up!! Recipe for the cake and delish buttercream frosting is up on the blog. Link 👉🏻 or google twist me pretty naked cake!! And may the cake gods be ever in your favor!!! #ValentinesDay #flowers

1 week ago

Dry hair. A blondes worst nightmare 😖!!! Don't worry- I got yo back 🙅🏼. I'm chatting with my fav @LivingProofInc on the blog today about repairing damaged hair + how to keep it healthy and a life saving hack on getting those big beach waves. You'll be like --- duhhhhh!!! 😂Ok ok, head over to the b-log for all the deits. #loveyou #YourBestHair #ad

1 week ago

YES!!! All you need is less ❤️ - @radandhappy you rock my quote world!

1 week ago

DANGIT Coop. You're literally perfect. 👶🏻 Guys. He's the most patient and kind baby alive, I honestly didn't know babies like him existed... guess the fourth is a charm 😏! He's saying allllll the words... this morning it sounded like he said "momma, I wanna nana 🍌 and wa-wa". It was like one of those weird commercials where the animals start talking and you're just like... what. is. happening?! He's a baby genius and I love him to pieces! #CoopJames

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