✨🍮Tiramisú the Kitten🍮✨

@tiramisu.meow  I'm ✋️✌️months old, I'm a ♎️, & I 💗 my dads 👨‍👨‍👧

8 hours ago

Protip: Combing a Misu between the ears guarantees maximum bliss 🌸💆

1 day ago

My first summer is starting and I'm feeling v hot! Any tips on keeping me cool for the summer? 🌞

2 days ago

Tuna go-gurt treats are Misu's favorite now! 👅😻🤤

5 days ago

Swipe to pet a bb Misu 💕👉

6 days ago

The cone is off, and I can finally run around and chase my tail and give my dads my stank face! 💕✨

1 week ago

Misu is obsessed with these liquid treats 😹Thanks to @seamus_n_angus for the heads up on these!

1 week ago

Only two more days under His eye (and this cone). Blessed be the fruit. #TheHandMisusTale

1 week ago

How many licks does it take? 👅✨ #LilMisu

1 week ago

#TBT when I was a lil purrin' baby (not much has changed 😹)

1 week ago

Dads forgot to post my second appearance on @thedodo's snapchat! Volume up for some fridge drama 😹🙀🥛

1 week ago

Hello? It's Mi(su) 📞😸💕

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