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3 hours ago

A very @fameandpartners wedding. Up now on www.thoughtfulmisfit.com (ps how gorgeous is my fam? ❤️)

3 days ago

The wedding selfie - an attempt at documenting the two of us looking normal, aka not with food in our mouths or mid-sentence expressions. Excited for the upcoming week and sharing more insane wedding content, what we wore, and more! #tuscanywedding #tuscany #couplegoals #love

4 days ago

Finally back in the desert! 🌵And back to obsessive hydrating, both inside and out. I am constantly on the hunt for the most powerful moisturizing products and @laprairie's Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion has been keeping me plump and dewy - even now that we're back in dryer climates. Use it as a pre-serum to get that extra drink of water (caviar water in this case) and to set your skin up to reap all the benefits of your serum and moisturizer... #extrememoisture #sponsored #homedecor #skincare

6 days ago

Another shot of this dress, bc it's a favorite. Still up on www.thoughtfulmisfit.com (and there's a 24% off discount code for it there too...) #ootd

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