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5 days ago

Love the vibe of the Dubai Design District - feels like a land of the creative free thinkers.

6 days ago

Airport #ootd . Stay tuned on my Instastories to watch snippets of the Arab Fashion Week happening in Dubai. #wednesdayfeels

1 week ago

I am no writer, but a lot of you have been asking me to write more. So in a quest to be more regular with my posts and also stay connected with you.. I have started this weekly focus apart from any outfit posts or product reviews I write. So have a read and let me know what else you'd like to hear from me. (The link will be in my bio)

1 week ago

Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrated yesterday. I cannot be more grateful for my two boys for loving me inspite of all my flaws. They are both equally my sanity and insanity. Didn't realize that was even possible. #mothersday2017 #somanymothersdays #maboyz ❤️

1 week ago

Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yet it has its unique charm, impressions and history for its visitors. #streetfashion

1 week ago

Oseberg - The Viking ship from 820 AD. The Vikings travelled across the Baltic sea routes and other oceans trading and raiding lands they set foot upon. It was on ships like these, that they mastered their conquests. The Vikings that fared on these ships were open to all the harsh elements of nature including the harsh weather and sea conditions. I was in awe looking through the Historical museum and observing all the remians. It blows my mind to just think how strong the spirit of a Viking would have been to have done what they did. #vikings #history #museum

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