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13 hours ago

Do you ever see a cool photo and wonder, where did they take that shot? I got you, sister! Street art is meant to be seen, shared, and enjoyed by all. 👐 Click that geotag and snap your own photos! 📷 Tag me in your shots—I’d love to see them! 📷: @leoprivas

1 day ago

Coffee date! ☕️💌 People always ask me for suggestions in Portland since I lived there for almost 2 years. Case Study is one of my favorites. The coffee is delicious & the interior design is open and relaxing. Plus, there’s a patio—because #patioseason is a big deal in the Pacific NW. . I’m working on a blog post about my recent visit to PDX! 🌲 TAG your favorite coffee shop in the comments below. Looking forward to adding them to my coffee wish list! ☕️💓

1 day ago

I give up. I’m eating this today.🍦 . Just kidding! It’s normal to feel like you’re missing out when you change your diet. I’m so excited because I’m on day 9 of #whole30 . 💪 My pants are fitting better, I have more energy, and I’m waking up earlier to get shit done! So for now, I’m going to reflect on this beautiful #latergram of matcha soft serve and know that it doesn’t taste as good as being healthy feels! . If you like this post you’ll like my Youtube video on MUJI! It’s my favorite Japanese store in Hollywood! I’ll be coming out with more videos shortly. It would mean so much to me if you subscribe and leave some 🍦🍦🍦. Link in bio.

2 days ago

Sometimes a small plant makes a big difference in your environment. 🌱 Find delicious coffee at this calm oasis. ☕️

3 days ago

Summer is coming. 🌴💕

5 days ago

It’s almost JUNE! Can you believe it’s almost summer? ☀️🍉I couldn’t, so I took a moment to recommit to my goals. My biggest #2017goals have been to get fit and be my own boss and I have been slacking on both. I’ve been cranking out content this weekend and have a new post I want you to read on the blog: How To Look Great At The Beach This Summer. 👙 . If you haven’t watched my Youtube video on my favorite Japanese store in Hollywood, watch that too! Click the link in my bio for both. . What are your goals this year? You still have 7 whole months LEFT!💪 Let’s chat below: . . 📷: @stilclassics

1 week ago

NEW ON THE BLOG! 5 Delicious Spots to Meet a Friend in the Phoenix Area. Click the link in my bio to find out where. AZ fam, leave some cacti below! 🌵💓🌵💓🌵💓

1 week ago

When I was a little girl, my favorite color was pink. 💕Around middle school, I quit wearing it because I wanted to appear more grown up. Silly me, if only I knew then that being an adult means wearing whatever the fuck you want. 👊

1 week ago

Current attitude. I used to think that hard work and dedication would get me what I wanted in life. It can, but the key to this trio is having a focused goal. With a bullseye to shoot for, my aim can improve and I’ll hit my mark with practice! 🎯 📷: Jon Tyson

2 weeks ago

Cartel Coffee Lab is one of my favorite coffee roasters in Phoenix! 💕 I had a chance to check out their beautiful 1st street location in what used to be the Korricks Department Store. I’ll be including this in my upcoming blog post about my Phoenix favorites! ☕️What are your favorite coffee shops in the Phoenix area?

2 weeks ago

When you’re filming a beauty video in the bathroom and your cat joins in. 😻 It’s obvious that I’ll need to figure out a monitor situation before filming my next *real* video. 🎥 Still, it was fun and good practice. But who wants to see old ladies do their makeup? 💄I think it would be pretty interesting to see real women in various life stages do their makeup. Guess I’ll only have to wait 5 or so more years before some of the big name YouTubers get into their mid-30s! I sincerely hope they keep rocking it out. Beauty is ageless. 👵🏻💋

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