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@tessguinery  Current location: Aussie family in Cape Town, follow my tribe and our travels via the blog 👇🏻 --- visit my studio via @tessguinerydesign

43 minutes ago

Meanwhile, facilitating a summer romance for my three year old 👫✨ #capetown

12 hours ago

Just a couple of bun heads at dusk ✨

16 hours ago

Exploring today at #greenpointpark with @selsheerin & her little tribe - a kids dream. Masses of open space, secret paths, creeks, play grounds, fauna & eatery surrounded by mountains & lots of sticks and stones for Peach to collect.

1 day ago

For all you #probiotic fan girls/boys - @sexyfoodsa is the place to go! This photo is a capture of one of my favourite moments today. I love the joy of the people here! They sing unashamed, smile on default, hug you like a sister - choosing to dance through life! Learning a lot! And my heart is swelling a lot too. Ps. Heaps of new stuff on the blog / vlog 👉🏻 tessguinery.co or link in bio. #capetown #southafrica #lovecapetown #organic

1 day ago

Today has been one if my favourite exploring days thank you to all YOU out there and all the local recommendations! Here's what we got up to: Caught an uber straight to @sexyfoodsa ✨ a probiotic foodie dream, my belly is loving life today! Then we ventured down Bree St which was full of little cafes and boutiques and stumbled across a very great find by the name of Merry-pop-ins! A gorgeous little curated charity store, stocking only kids wears, I walked out with a bag full of vintage for Peach along for under $70 - I'll be back there soon! We walked a little further down Bree and admire all the beautiful buildings and mountains in the distance and then jumped in an uber to lower street (as recommended) in #observatory where there is a whole street of vintage stores! Again, got some great pieces and would recommend shopping on this street if you're a vintage lover as well! Next ----> we again jumped in a beloved #uber and arrived to what is now my FAVOURITE food place so far -@gatherkindly - everything was perfect! The building was an aesthetic dream, food was delicious, sustainable, plant based and every meal came out looking like art! Got to chat to the owner about her vision for the place, they run workshops, cooking classes and the space is somewhere you'll never want to leave, it's a hidden little gem found at the back of an art gallery with cutest little courtyard. I'm going back again & again while I'm here & will enrol into some of the workshops! This place is a #capetown "must see" for the creative foodies at heart. Next ---> jumped in another #uber and arrived at our local (the V & A waterfront). Peach fell asleep in the pram so I took advantage of the 2 hours she was asleep to get a coffee & peruse all the fine makers and pop up shops at the watershed. She stayed asleep the whole time, we just got home & are now going through all our bargain finds! I would recommend today's adventure to everyone if you want a good day in #capetown --- see more via my Insta story. ✨✨✨✨ ps. Sorry for the essay but had to share my discoveries.

2 days ago

Still marvelling over the #greenpointmarket #capetown ✨ & planning a day trip for tomorrow that involves vintage, bright coloured houses & food! Tips from #capetown locals always welcomed 👇🏻✨

2 days ago

Afrikan flora 🌸

2 days ago

The kookiest travel buddy ever! ✨ my little miss sunshine - feel so blessed to see new parts of the world with her!

3 days ago

Sunday thoughts: When we surrender we gain ALL! we gain life! Love! Purpose! Freedom! Joy! Strength! Hope! Understanding! Peace! The biggest life blunder is to think we are the captain of our own soul. Our human nature sometimes defaults to guiding and controlling our own lives, putting on ourselves huge expectations to be this or be that ---- we only lose, we tire ourselves thin trying to fill the empty part of our hearts with things that will never last, things that require huge efforts of upkeep without grace. Grateful I have found a love that never tires, never sleeps, never expects - just LOVES & meets me where I am at, meets me in my wholeness and in my brokenness & says "all is well". I don't need tiresome rituals, self help manuals, bowing down to expectations, I have found something greater then all those "to-dos" --- something that lets me "be" and without conditions & gives my wild heart freedom to fly. I have found everlasting LOVE! #capetown #southafrica

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