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Name: Coral Jessup Age: 22 Gender: Female Eye color: Black Fur/Hair color: Tan Species: Dog Sexuality: Straight Likes: Cuddling, tea, warm temperatures, gentle people Dislikes: Cold temperatures, waking up early, being bossed around, messy areas Appearence: Black crop top, light blue denim overalls, black ankle strap flats Roles: Works as a cashier at a coffee shop Personality: Very gentle and couldn't hurt a fly even if she tried her best, emotionally fragile and can cry very easily but otherwise cheerful, tries her best to make anyones day . . . if you dm for drp she cant be picked -🐀 #furry #furrylover #furryrp #furryroleplay #rp #roleplay #yiff #yiffroleplay

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Name: Connie Hollway Age: 19 Gender: Female Eye color: Blue Fur/Hair color: Brown/Yellow/Grey Species: Dog Sexuality: Pan Likes: Adventure, dangerous situations, using terms like "epic" and "rad" Dislikes: Actually getting hurt, crybabies, extreme climates Appearence: Pink scarf, yellow tank top, dark denim shorts, pink ace necklace Roles: Currently jobless Personality: Quick to act, speaks without thinking, energetic, acts very immature until she's in a serious situation and becomes the most mature person . . . #furry #furrylover #furryrp #furryroleplay #rp #roleplay #yiff #yiffroleplay -🐀

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Name: Faith Miller Age: 21 Gender: Female Eye color: Dark blue Hair color: Black Species: Human Sexuality: Straight Likes: Working, dancing, singing, reading Dislikes: Staying still, being put down, talking in front of an audience, unneeded praise Appearence: White cardigan, blue tank top, short white skirt, white flats, blue glasses Roles: Works as a librarian Personality: Extremely calm and reserved, can be loud when around people she's comfortable with but is otherwise quiet . . . #furry #furrylover #furryrp #furryroleplay #rp #roleplay #yiff #yiffroleplay 🐀

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Name: Alyssa Drake Age: 23 Gender: Female Eye color: Dark purple Fur/Hair color: Pink and White Species: Wolf Sexuality: Bi Likes: Flirty people, physical affection, work, classical music, plays Dislikes: Clingy people, liars, people who hurt her/her friends Appearence: Pencil skirt, white button up, black knee high socks, black flats Roles: Works as an assistant for a major company Personality: Quick on her feet, kind/friendly, adapts very quickly to sudden changes . . . ahh my first character on here!!! so excited to rp with someone!!! -🐀 #furry #furrylover #furryrp #furryroleplay #rp #roleplay #yiff #yiffroleplay

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