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●LCHP MENU | JANUARY 23-27● Our fat-loss program now LEANER and STRONGER for only P550 per day @ FREE DELIVERY Save additional P1000 when you sign up your 20 day program! Textcode: LCHP20 Lose those excess fats without muscle wasting! Lift and run while feeding your muscles with our LOW CARB HIGH PROTEIN DIET PROGRAM (LCHP)!!! Optimize your health by getting protein from natural sources on you day-to-day diet. Spend as much time as you want on your fitness routine but spare the hassle in preparing LOW CARB HIGH PROTEIN set meals delivered the night before consumption between 5pm-9pm latest 10pm, 5 days/week with 4 meals per day! Keep signing up, folks and hit our hotlines today: GLOBE: 0917 990 8800 SMART: 0998 987 1168 SUN: 0925 877 7110 Send the filled up forms via sms, email or fb to sign up: ✔ NAME: ✔ PROGRAM: LCHP (P550 per day @ FREE DELIVERY) ✔ PERIOD: JANUARY 23-27 ✔ DELIVERY ADDRESS: ✔ MOBILE NUMBER (if signing up via email, ig or fb): ✔ FOOD RESTRICTIONS(if any): You may also inquire about our *SLIM & FIT programs in separate menu with the ff.prices: 1200calories (P370 per day + Delivery Charge) 1500calories (P430 per + Delivery Charge) 1800calories (P490 per day + Delivery Charge) 2000calories (P550 per day + Delivery Charge) Special Diets (starts at P550 + Delivery Charge) SIGN UP NOW! *is a different program/menu with different price, inquire for details #healthyfoodiemanila #lowcarbhighprotein #lchpmenu #LCHP #dietdeliveryph #dietphilippines #nutrition #workout #workoutmeals #postworkoutmeals #cleaneating #BMI #dietfooddelivery #healthydiet #heathybreakfast #dietdelivery #portioncontrolled #heathyeating #lifestylefood #nutritionistapproved #dietfood #allnaturalingredients #fitness #fit #fitnessgoal #professionalchef #variety #foodies #healthiswealth

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Almost half way through January! Don't be discouraged if you haven't come as far as you wanted to by now. Take a breath and re-evaluate. Make sure your goals are something you have to extend your reach in order to accomplish but not so far away that you can lose sight of them. Keep your eye on the prize! Next month I will begin the 'DAILY/MONTHLY' through my Facebook page (link in bio). More details to come..

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