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Do you have letters, documents which need to be used all the time? Want to look more professional and keep your brand consistent? Admin & Co. can develop e-letterheads, minutes, agendas, reports, powerpoint presentations making small business look like big business. Outsource it now! . . Admin & Co. - 21 Rutland Street, Newtown VIC 3220 - hello@adminandco.com.au 0430 369 600

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Your customer may be King but you are the Queen of your business, and we all know that behind every great 'man' there is a super strong, amazing, courageous, sassy woman...right girls!?!?! Right...!!! YOU are the boss of your business... You get to set your own working hours, your own rules, your boundaries, your schedule, and decide who you do and don't want to work with. You get to define who you are, decide what you say and how, when and where you say it. You get to tell your story, step into our power and share your truth. And if things aren't working for you, if they're making you feel restricted, overwhelmed or attacked... you get to say STOP! You get to decide when to pull the plug, change the rules or withdraw to allow you to review, redesign and come back stronger. Are you stepping up and owning your power, or are you handing your power over to other people...? Melanie x

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Up until 1st June you can #WIN a place at one of Alison's Rise Up workshops...stop by our Facebook page to find out more!

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Some peonies for ya! Have a happy Tuesday 💋

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Remember I told you a while ago that I had something exciting in the works? Well, here it is - a five-week transformation for the creatively blocked, terrified or frustrated. If you've had enough of your inner critic, resistance, self-doubt, perfectionism, or any of the other sneaky nasties that stop you from making the art you want to make, then you need to take a look at this course. For all the details, visit the link in my profile or go to http://elitrier.com/ecourses/make-your-mark . . . #anartistincopenhagen #creativeliving #creativelifehappylife #createeveryday #creativeprocess #art #artist #freestylecreativeliving #flashesofdelight #copenhagen #igerscopenhagen #littlestoriesofmylife #girlboss #womeninbiz #mybeautifulmess #artsblog #artlife #sketchbook #nothingisordinary #creativeentrepreneur #makersgonnamake #doitfortheprocess #makersmovement #calledtobecreative #thatsdarling #fromthestudio #elitrier #lifegasm #artgasm #studionotes

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Wil je ook graag voor de deur zitten met het mooie weer, maar is je stoep te smal? The Stoop, gevelklapbank biedt de ideale oplossing. Check: www.thestoop.nl

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Real Talk for Business Mastery Virtual Summit is coming up real soon‼️If you are ready to get real and dominate in your zone this summit is for you‼️There are 30 speakers including me with tips... strategies and more to help you find success. Plus there are several bonuses during the summit. It's free access all u have to do is sign up and attend‼️Click the link in the bio‼️

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It's easy to say you believe in yourself. Easy to say you believe in every step you take. But to actually mean it is something completely different. . For years I said I believed. I became such a good actress that I convinced myself it was true. But the results proved it wasn't. I didn't have a following. I wasn't the expert in anyone's eyes. I wasn't attracting clients. . It all starts with belief. If you believe in yourself and I mean really, genuinely believe, and believe in the journey you are on and the one you will take your clients on, others will believe it too. . I found that self belief. I learnt to own my expertise. I believe in my journey and the one I'll take you on. And I'm now seen as the expert, I have the following, and I attract clients. . Believe in you. It will change your life.

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Help is available. Knowledge is attainable. Pursuit is necessary in both cases...Go get what you need!

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Whenever there's a lot on, write it all down

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You've heard of Fiver Friday, and today is the launch of #TennerTuesday ! Just for today you can get any of the featured felt ball ga lads for £10 instead of £15. Offer ends midnight tonight to grad one while you can (link in bio). Have a fab Tuesday all! ✨

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There is nothing more amazing than total self-acceptance. Knowing and believing that as you are today is all that you need to be. Knowing that everything you've experienced and learned in your life has made you the incredible woman that you are today. As you are is enough - more than enough. No-one can do what you do in the way that you do it. There may be others out there doing something similar to you but they don't have your life experience, your emotions, your understanding. They don't have your sense of caring and compassion.  Your passion. Your total love for what you do. Shine your light gorgeous for the world to see ❤️ #selfacceptance #truetoyourself #youareenough #lifecoach #intuitivecoaching #womenwhorock #womeninbusiness #motivation #womeninbiz #mindset #success

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A beautiful morning sharing the #essentialoils in #northampton I'm taking bookings now for classes in June. A great way to learn about natural health solutions and to get some friends together 🌿🌺🍊

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Its Count Down to June , #Aboutjune25th ! Course Outline -------- 🔘⏩HOME MAKER'S STRATEGY SESSION ( You will be required to come for a 1-2days Training excursion weeks before the event Day ) ✅Balancing Family and Work/ Entrepreneurial Life. ✅Drawing Strength from God. ✅The Proactive Woman Building her Finances ✅How To Prioritize. ✅Planning The Night before/To-Do-List ✅Home Building Prices/Working Mother. . 🔘⏩HOME MAKER TO-BE WORKSHOP: For ladies who are about to Wed, For Newly married, For Single ladies looking to prepare ahead... NOTE : This Will Be A 3-4Days Training with daily Tasks ,Take home Assignments and excursion. ▶This is centered on working you through the possible challenges you may face in the new phase of life your about to begin. Mapping out workable strategies that will help you organise your new home. As it is a workshop it involves practical teachings, Visits to a few places, self challenges and tasks... ✅Area of Concentration for Home makers TO-BE. ✅Time Management ✅Planning the Night before/To-Do-List. ✅The Home making skills to develop. ✅Setting Up yourself for a Successful day ( Practicals on the spot) ✅ A Comprehensive List Of What You NEED in your Kitchen. ✅How To Work with a Menu plan in the Kitchen ✅ Live Cooking classes with LCD'S Head chef. --------------- TIME OUT WITH DR MARTINS (Director St'Martins Hospital) ✅ Getting Pregnant in the First Year of marriage...( Why you should and why you should not). ✅The best time to consider getting pregnant as it relates to your age/The best spacing time between kids...( The right time to get pregnant for the next child after the first). ✅Family Planning options/The How without drugs... ✅Pre-anti natal session ( To prepare your mind for what ahead). ------------ This is just two sessions out of 8sessions: Its a Full Home Making Course, we spend so much time learning to he other things than learning to be THE WIFE/MOTHER that will bring glory to God. You can decide to change or stop you present career but You CANNOT decide to stop being a Home Maker once you say "I DO" why not prepare ? When you do not prepare, you prepare to fail... . Registrations are closing out click link in bio or call

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