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Morning beautiful people! Enjoy the weekend!

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I dare you to make a start towards your path to financial freedom! On every hand, I see those who had a desire to begin making steps towards financial freedom, but were unable to overcome adversities. Your ability to press on and persist long after everyone else turned back is a good measure of your possible financial success. You have within you the ability to succeed! I dare you to start! www.maximumcashflow.com

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Love thy selfie 💜 💁🏻 🤳 I've recently declared Saturday's to be my "no-makeup, no-shame, aú-naturale, self-love," day. 💖💖💖 My day to allow my skin to breathe My day to allow my hair to be wild & free My day to embrace all that is "Me." In other words, "Let Make-up-Free-Me Ring" 🔔🔔🔔 I'd never go a day without makeup- Like NEVER. I'd never leave the house without being "pieced together," never would allow anyone to see me without my war-paint, hair done, outfit on fleek. 👩🏼‍🎤 It was a ridiculous way to try & conceal my insecurities, try to mask my inner self-loathing. To be honest, I used to think I looked like a boy without these things. 🙄 My, my, how silly & cruel we can be to ourselves. 🤦🏻‍♀️ As I get older & "30" quickly approaches, I'm beginning to honor myself more than ever before. Understanding and accepting that this is just me & I cannot afford to waste anymore precious time being so disgustingly consumed with the way others see me. I am more aware of loving myself, caring for myself, & trying to make up for all those years of despising myself. 🖤After all, 💄Make-up doesn't make you beautiful, happiness does. 💄Make-up doesn't make you valuable, self-worth does. 💄Make-up doesn't make you attractive, confidence does. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 . . . #lovethyselfie #selflovesaturday #selflove #selfiesaturday #selfie #nomakeup #messyhairdontcare #sassymama #bebadass #doyou #happiness #selfworth #confidence #lovetheskinyourein #beyoutiful #noshame #justme #staywoke #slaytheday #donthate #latinasbelike #saturdayvibes #youreworthit #smile #womenempowerment #workit #dontgiveafuck #nofucksgiven #whatsimportant #browneyedgirl

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My Event!!! Ladies, you need to be there. Hello Ladies, I started talking about this event weeks ago. Even though I knew I had to do it, I kept going back and forth on how I would do it. So, I stop thinking and listened to the silence. I now am ready to do the DANG THANG!!! Although I'm sure a lot of yall want to attend this event, I suggest you read below before you purchase your ticket, because this may not be for you. One of my ultimate goals in life is to bring the VILLAGES back. Yes, I've started the Dear Black Men Network but I haven't begun to tap into it the way I intend to. I've learned that you can't help heal the men and have them take their place and expect them to still come back to BROKEN WOMEN. It just wont' balance out. So this will be my first monthly event catered to women. This is not your normal WOMEN EMPOWERING event! My Speakers will be my GUESTS! The STARS of this event will be the ladies that buy tickets to this event. I will be joined by a team of women whom I adore to assist me in making sure that the true Anointing is in and stays in the room. This is not a game! This is truly for the women who are sick and tired and want to truly make HAPPINESS their liefestyle. It's important to me that each woman that is escorted through the doors of this event experience something so EPIC that they have no other option but to take control of their lives. WE won't be selling books or any services. I'm so sick of people so caught up of wanting to get close to you so they can sell you something or get close to your network. Women don't love each other anyone cause they are so busy trying to be a BOSS LADY and be better than the next one. This won't be a Networking Session...this is a Bonding Session!! I don't' care what you do for a living...it's not going to matter that day. Buy tickets Www.iamlatonyamechelle.com #sisterhood #bonding #takeoffthemask #inspiration #inspirations #women #womenempowerment #selfesteem #loveyourself #iloveme #imeverywoman

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Ella Only VIP Club Socialites enjoying fun and connection in Vancity. Join our Club today and start enjoying your life!! Send us an invite on our Facebook group or Meet Up or send an email at ellaonlyvipclub@gmail.com Ella Only VIP Club - Because You Are More Valuable Than You Think. #ellaonlyvipclub #ellasocialclub #vancouver #vancity #vancitybuzz #vancityvogue #thesuccessmagazine #vancouverite #vancouverevents #vanlife #womenempowerment #boulevardkitchenandoysterbar #boulevardkitchen #suttonplacehotel #thesuttonplacehotelvancouver

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INTEGRITY always. 👌🏼👌🏼

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Life is about moments of happiness. Don't seek for a happy life. There is no such thing. You are responsible for creating those happy moments, and happiness happens when you are in connection with other human beings. Surround yourself with fun, loving and positive people and start enjoying this beautiful journey called LIFE. - Marcia Chorney #ellaonlyvipclub #ellasocialclub #vancouver #vancity #vancityvogue #vanlife #vancouverevents #womenempowerment #inspirationalquotes #inspiration

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