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🌛🌝🌜 Happy #Moonday my lovers & Witches, is the best moment for learning about the #lunarphases and channeling the energy of the #Goddess in you.

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Hey cuties! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Lesi (lee-see) and I am a military baby from Ft Rucker, Alabama. I have lived in many of the states including Alabama, Texas, Missouri and Alaska. My main home has been the Twin Cities of Minnesota, where I currently reside. I was raised by a single parent, my badass mother of whom I love and adore. My family is huge and we are all pretty close to one another. As for me, I am a quiet, reserved gal with a love and aesthetic for anything witchy or earthy. I enjoy piercings and tattoos with a huge love for traditional style tattoos. I love my coffee cold and I love eating cold leftovers. 😂 I enjoy all kinds of music, from radio pop to black metal to punk rock to indie. My very favorite band of all time is the Deftones, no matter how many bad albums they make. My favorite colors are midnight blue and cerulean. My favorite animals are all turtles or tortoises... 🐢 My favorite food is pho. 🍲 I enjoy fantasty books and sci-fi films. Zelda is my favorite video game of all time, specifically Ocarina. I LOVE cinema, especially animated films. Hayao Miyazaki is my fave. I'm a documentary nerd, especially anything to do with David Attenborough. I love makeup, it's a hobby of mine. I got into it a few years back when I broke my leg and couldn't walk or work for four months... so while sitting in bed I decided to try to learn a new skill. YouTube videos have been my way of learning many things 🤣 Speaking of which, tutorials were the only thing that got me to where I am now with my silversmithing. I learned this craft by watching videos and I also got some advice and assistance from some wonderful smiths from all over the world, but my main thanks goes to the lovely Malena of @milenaminjewelry who shared #donthatehelpcreate with me. I am a firm believer in the idea that all of us are makers and that it is our job to foster a thriving maker environment both for ourselves and the people around us. I'm all about love, support and creation. Thank you for being a part of my journey! 😚 Feel free to ask any questions. 💕

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Are you on the fence about getting a reading with me? (See what I did there 😂) ✨ I understand! And I'm happy to offer $15 mini-readings via text to give you a taste of what a full reading is like! ✨ Mini-readings are a great way to test the waters, and I even give you a discount if you decide to book a full session after the mini one! It's also an awesome way to get intuitive guidance about job offers, relationship, and housing decisions on the go. ✨ Don't stress...just text. ✨⚡️😍 Text (971)266-0705 with your name/question, and receive the quick answer you need no matter where you are. ❤📲⚡️✨ Lighten up your life. ______________________________________________ #divine #moon #spiritjunkie #miracles #portland #pnw #pdx #intuitive #gratitude #healing #angels #goddess #healer #oracle #astrology #magic #witchy #spiritual #spiritguides #abundance #crystalhealing #handmade #crystals #spirit #gypsy #theladyoflightning Photo by @darryldarko

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canadiangems: #OVERNIGHT MEGA ! 🦄• Hello beautiful beings •🦄 Would you like a chance to have your page shared with 1000's of followers?! All you have to do is Follow all accounts below, and comment on each pages post when you're done with your favorite emoji 🥒🏝🖍 or "done". @canadiangems 🦎 @eliyascreations 🔮 @nightowl.designs 🌒 @agnesinwonderland 🦋 @acorn_oils 🌰 @wandering_essentials ☁️ @handmadearth 🦎 @sugarcitygems 💎 @midwestmacrame 🌾 @dugandmarydesigns 🌈 @touchofafeather 🌿 • • Spamming doesnt change your chances, but it does help you get noticed! Please don't follow to unfollow, we keep track & you will be blocked from future megas. Good luck!!! 🎉 . #crystals   #crystalhealing #rocksarecool #amulet #energy #crystalhealing #mandala #mothernature #gemstones #healingcrystals #altar   #rockhound #sacredgeometry #gems #hippiespirit #crystalgrid #awesomecrystals #lapidary #beautiful #meditation #witchy #love #mindful #moonchild #chakrahealing #psychic #hippie #geology #naturelovers #natural

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True love 🖤✨

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1 or 2? 🤘🏻 • Tag a witchbitch! 💀

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🙀 And right after this, I melted away in the sun... || omfffg cleaning my life away, I could really use some distracting from my boyfriend right this second 😩

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I go through candles way too fast.

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The faerie oracle, for those soft otherworldly vibes. Deck: faerie oracle by Brian Froud©

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Oh look. I'm outside 👽

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