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4 hours ago

An old and not so well maintained soccer field. Stumbled upon this field after a hike in the forest, the setting sun created a nice, almost surreal atmosphere. * * Follow @wwebbs for more!

5 hours ago

🇨🇭 So guys, the looong weekend is over. Hope you had a wonderful time! Where did you go by the way? I bet most of you have hiked somewhere cool - looking forward to your cool pics ;) As for us - we didn't hike (weird, right?), but we did discover one special place, as well as the whole new country! Highlights of our trip include something medieval, something under ground, something delicious, something square, a boat and a horse ride, one jazz concert, a carousel and lots of 🍺. More pics and infos coming soon, as always. And for now, something very Swiss for you to easily start a new week from a fresh sight. More pics of amazing #Kl öntalersee here #iatskiv_kl öntalersee. Cheers! . . . #nature_brilliance #photographyislife #natureaddict #traveladdict #globetrotter #bealpine #lonelyplanet #beautifuldestinations #hikevibes #ourplanetdaily #discoverearth #discovernature #stayandwander #liveoutdoors #awesome_photographers #thegreatoutdoors #thegreatmountains #discoverglobe #hiking #inlovewithswitzerland #fantastic_earth #roamtheplanet #folkgood #nakedplanet #wildernessearth #wanderout #folkscenery #vscoua

6 hours ago

First light on top of the Mountain

6 hours ago

Same as previous post except condensed to fit square. To see more detail go to the immediately preceding post.

7 hours ago

Did you miss yesterday's Demo Day? Or are you looking to try out a Hobie Kayak, Mirage Eclipse, or PULSE Stand up Paddleboard? Our next demo day is June 11 @ Bedford Basin Yacht Clubs Open House! #HitTheWater @boatingbbyc

7 hours ago

Mornings at everyones favorite boathouse. How much I dislike every photo i see of this place, it's still pretty spectaculair. I remember being there during the day before i made this photo and it was loaded with tourists. So we decided to go back the next morning and we had the place to ourselves. Plus we were rewarded with some spectaculair conditions as well. I took a fresh dive in right after snapping this photo. 🏊

8 hours ago

"Milky Way Angel". Had a fun Milky Way expedition last night with @marisamarulli and @alexhbrock . This is a little light painting fun we did near the end of the night. The Angel wings shot was done with @lightpaintingbrushes and was a several minute exposure. Since an exposure that Long would have created star trails, we did another shorter 30 second shot without moving the tripod and captured the Milky Way. I blended these two images that @marisamarulli took and this is the result. (P.S. you can faintly see my legs behind as I was creating the wings with light painting tools, oops). It was great meeting up with both Alex and Marissa and look forward to other night photography excursions in the future. I have many images to process, need to catch some rest after coming home at 6am two nights in a row. Please check out the IG accounts of my new Florida friends, @marisamarulli and @alexhbrock Camera settings: Sky: 30 seconds, ISO 3200, f2.8 Angel: 310 seconds, ISO 200, F5.6 📷 PC: @marisamarulli Angel: @marisamarulli Ghostly legs behind Angel: @ipp14 Processed: @ipp14

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