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What are your goals? Do they REALLY matter to you? If you have a goal that’s really a priority, you need to SHOW that it’s a priority by acting on it. You can’t just say it’s a priority. Just saying it doesn’t make it one. Think about your goal. What will it take to get there? Some sacrifice? Yes. Some hard work? Yes. Some determination? Yes. So…is it still something you want to pursue? If the answer is yes, and if it really matters to you, you’ll make the time and the effort to get there. And when you know it’s something you truly want, and you believe you’ll get there, you will. ••• #crushyourgoals #successmindset #whatreallymatters #fitforlife #healthylifestyle #fitgoals #healthylifestyle #createyourreality #priorities #weightlossgoals #fitnessgoals #healthyeating

3 hours ago

We've known each other for 20 years. This beauty, always so elegant and refined, is one of the strongest people I know. Sometimes you're drawn to people because you see the same truth. Through joyful periods, cruel losses, and significant changes in our lives, we've always shared the same truth. 💖(And if you know her, you'll know it's so apropos that this picture is awash in pink!) #FriendsForLife #LoveThisBeauty #FriendsForKeeps

4 hours ago

Trying to pull my happiest face while my hand is immersed in the freezing water 😬

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