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5 minutes ago

It's the strangest thing. The last few days, when I've been on our deck, I keep getting a strong aroma of cloves. It's been driving me nuts. I kept thinking someone must have been up there cleaning (but that someone would be me). We finally figured out that the smell was coming from these little blooms. I've had the hardest time growing these #stringofpearls #succulents as the possums have had a lovely time pruning them, now it's finally taking off. But the clove aroma is crazy (and cloves are a bit of an aphrodisiac to me). And when I had a good inhale my mouth, tongue and lips have been numb for at least an hour! And looking at google the plants aren't even related to the actual clove plant. Weird 🤷‍♀️🌿🌵👃 #inconstantgardener #clove #weird

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