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42 seconds ago

7 min AMRAP 7 box jumps, 7 burpees, and 7 kettle bell swings. Fast and fun work out 🏋️🤘

1 minute ago

Working! Gaining! Training!🎯👊 Most importantly.....having FUN!!!!😉😉 Train hard! Train smart✌👍

2 minutes ago

Sliced and diced. Each scar is a remainder of my body telling me "bisch yo supposed to be skinny" 😂

2 minutes ago

Ootd ✌🏼

4 minutes ago

On Fridays we press! 100kg for comfortable sets of 6! Thanks to @thestrongmanway for rebuilding my press post surgery 💪🏻 cannot wait to see what the next few weeks bring to my pressing power 🏋🏼 #strongmanway #friday #funday

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