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32 minutes ago

Biraz daha uğraşırsam olucak 😉😂😂 Herkese mutlu haftalar 👍✌💪👊

34 minutes ago

Snatch Pull with Rebend + Snatch Complex. . If you are struggling with timing the transition under the bar, this complex will do you some good. . Using the Snatch Pull with Rebend to focus on connecting the leg drive well but also not overpulling, this transfers well into the snatch to give you a better timing under the bar. . As demonstrated by @yenleeeeeeee. Done appropriately and you feel like you just did 10x10 squats. . #snatch #weightlifting #olympiclifting #coach #TheTrainingGeek #girlswholift

39 minutes ago

New Monday, New Week , Same Goal - to be the best version of me. 😊 I want to be at my full potential, so I keep trying to concentrate on listening to myself rather than trying to be like everyone else. There is no one way to do anything. Find what works for you. 💙

41 minutes ago

A very important question to ask yourself but even more importantly is what does failure mean to you? ...... think about that for a second

44 minutes ago

Looking forward to a few days away training in Spain @upfitnesslive 💪🏽Needed a couple days in a different environment to focus on my own training. Can't wait to see you all at @wildwestfitness next weekend! Who is competing?

1 hour ago

KB swing, great conditioning exercise to add speed, power and strength to Lower back, glutes and hammies.

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