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36 minutes ago

Taking some time on this beautiful Monday morning to let the remnants of another weekend of #YTT "sink in" a little deeper, grateful to have gathered some earth grounding and fire spirit to surround this #KindnessRock with a message I needed to offer myself (until I set it free to the world): a reminder to #sinkin to my body, heart, core self, so easily buried under a frantic pace of action and endless to-do's.. sound familiar to anyone else? Thank you @wildwanderingz for the dandelions left on the altar yesterday... maybe something will #takeroot in this pot after all! #weeds =seeds๐ŸŒฑ

43 minutes ago

I decided to leave the cleavers for a further week to ensure totally dry. It is now prepped & in jars & ready for pots of tea. #tea #weeds #cleavers #airdried

58 minutes ago

I've got a very long garden lawn and I'm try very hard to stop it being taken over by dandelions. Every day I pick around 60 flowers to prevent them from seeding all over the lawn. These are just a few of them. #dandelionflowers #weeds

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