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20 minutes ago

Quick plug: I purposefully do not blur out my skin texture. Skin has texture, grooves, bumps, wrinkles, and it's perfectly normal if yours does too. Take good care of your skin and then let it be and love it. We don't have to be perfect. Enjoy makeup for creativity's sake, don't make it your captor.

40 minutes ago

This is actually in all seriousness probably my favorite shot from my Whimsical California beach shoot with vintage boho styling which was featured in Love & Lavender recently. I don't know. The way Brittany's cute pink-painted toes curling into the late evening blueish-tinted sand a little? The corner of the battered leather suitcase? The ever-so-cute (and I mean really cute. The word 'cute' is so overused on Instagram) pink bridal Mary Janes? Or the casually tossed floral headband over the back of the shoes? The scuffed toes, suggesting aimless walking around the beach? Or the pockmarked sand, ripe with evidence of the human story? Like I said, I dunno. The whole flamin' shebang, I guess. Model: @brittany_zimmer05 Styling: @simply1love Photography: @zoe.larkin

3 hours ago

"a rare bird upon the earth and very much like a black swan." • • • black swan | nevenka | autumn winter 17 collection @nevenka_melbourne

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