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14 hours ago

Omg I feel emotional right now... it's already been a year since I've had contact with @beyonce for the second time. Time flies so fast! That means I will see her again really soon... next tour I guess! Thank you for this day queen! Until next time 🐝💓 #beyonce #beyhive #bey #queen #queenb #formation #theformationtour #formationtour #formationworldtour #toronto #rogerscentre #fan #vip #beyhivepit #family #goals #ivypark #weareivypark @weareivypark #makeup #onfleek @danielalitzama

17 hours ago

Still can't believe that the Carters are growing by two😢💖, tbh we aren't ready for it 👨‍👩‍👧➕👶🏽👶🏽

1 day ago

My skin has been glowing lately. Which is crazy since last week I broke out more then I ever have in my life ( which isn't a lot since I don't really break out ever lol) but this pic has no filter so I'm really happy :))) if you can't already tell I take my skin very seriously cause it's usually the first thing people look at. That being said I never judge someone negatively off of what you would call "bad skin", cause you never know who you'll meet 😊😊 #jkinstachallenge #ANTM

1 day ago

To be honest with you beyhive I'm gonna miss pregyoncé🐝🐝

2 days ago

Hey everyone I just realized that when I made this account I didn't really say much about myself other than the fact that I wanna be a model and musician. So here's 3 things about me you should know : I'm 18 ( some people think I look 14 some think I look 20 so I had to clear that up). I live in the metro area but I barely go into the city ( hopefully that changes soon because of this page), and I'm Ugandan 🇺🇬 ayyye #africanpride so nows the time for you all to tell me a bit about yourselves. 1) what attracted you to my page ? 2) what are you interests and dreams ? #jkinstachallenge

2 days ago

l i f e || this last week has been a test to my faith and patience. My computer caught a virus and I had to wipe it and my car decided to stop working yesterday. After a dent in my pocket and many prayers and tears later, I'm back on track. One thing I pride myself on is staying positive...otherwise I'd lose my mind. Keeping my zen is 🔑 pc @dapperdallasdude #positivesvibes #lovemisstosha

3 days ago

I'm not good at making pretty feeds ://

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