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"Watching clouds" I've been facing my anxiety rather than running from it. I am starting to find a way through it. I listen to myself. I feel into my body. This has allowed me to become quite specific with what I am afraid of. And then, I don't push, but I gently nudge. So I take a small action to challenge my fear. When I have overcome that one, I take another small step. It always starts with really feeling my feelings, rather than going into my head and my thoughts. I have noticed, this actually never helps. Because my anxious thoughts are rarely helpful nor in my favour. So I feel my feelings, and feel the sensations within my body, and feel my feet on the ground so that I am grounded and supported. And I breathe deeply as I do this, I face slowly in my own time whatever it is I am avoiding. And often I realise how wrong I was - this is a truimph! Slow, soft, gentle, small steps, one at a time, this seems to be my way. Grateful to have found it. 💗 #brankadoncevska #myartyfriend #brankadoncevskacreative2017

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Robin ❤️

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