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5 hours ago

I don't like sleep.

8 hours ago

The most beautiful sunset...even through a dirty windscreen!

9 hours ago

Reflect // serenity clothing ✨

9 hours ago

So things are changing very fast. I (Cara) resigned from my job, we are selling all our stuff, moving back in with the parents in the Midlands and plans are being made. New adventures are sure to follow so keep watching this space. Here's a misty morning in the Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands caught on 35mm film. 😌

9 hours ago

Just a lottle (it's like a little, but A LOT) excited about the arrival of this humble little fabric swatch booklet earlier today. It's the result of months of research and dreaming and hopefully marks the start of something wonderful. You see, I was born with a number of dreams in my heart. One of those dreams is to bring my creative project Fable to life, and these beautiful scraps of fabric will play a big part in that process. ✂️ #fablefriday • Small business owners, what's one tip you could offer as advice?

9 hours ago

Don't fear dying Fear not living ~Dawn Pray Let's ride ~Harley Davidson

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