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To the girls of TSU, you must be from Tennessee because your the ONLY ten I see.... • Yeah I don't think that line worked & quite frankly, I don't think it ever will 😩 Just in case someone does try to drop the line at your nearest bonfire this fall, let's at least make it known by showing him or her what your working with. 1)I've been dropping lines on my fellow feeds that graphic tees are just it for me. This summer is trying without any effort & if your low key casual with tomboy tendencies then I'm sure you catch my drift. Every girl attending a bonfire must have the go to poncho for nighttime chills. I absolutely was in love when I found this hand knit poncho you see me wearing for less than a $1, but I've come to terms that a lot of budget friendly stores have been holding their own with vintage inspired cardigans. @charlotterusse sells this Aztec Fringed Poncho for less than $20 🤑 2)For the girls who just wanna have sun all year round & live in areas where wind is a constant, opt for a simple accessory like this Bandana Hairband retailing for less than $11 at @buckle TSUs colors are White & Royal Blue, so I love the contrast of this Bold Red in the vintage tee. 3)Lastly, my daddy says my Minnetonka's are the shoes only a mother could love BUT we all know he's wrong! If you want to take a break from the Uggs, I absolutely without a doubt will offer up a substitute which The Tramped Boot. Retails for only $62.95 & if your heading back to TSU from Atlanta, @abbadabbascoolshoes is where you can purchase! Remember dolls, don't overthink & at the end of the day go by your own rules. You can purchase this tee + more by clicking the link in the bio. • #tennessee #tennesseestatetigers #tsu #tn #tennesseestateuniversity #tennesseebound #hbcu #hbcugirls #hbcupride #hbcufashion #blackgirls #blackwoman #blackfashion #blackowned #fashionblogger #fashion #schoolflow #schooldays #littlemissbroke #blackownedbusiness #vintage #vintageforsale #atl #atlvintage

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