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#news #info . Film spin off dari Spider-Man yang berjudul Venom akan segera melakukan proses produksi di musim gugur tahun ini... Venom sendiri akan diusahakan oleh SONY untuk mendapatkan rated R dan mengusung genre laga, horor, dan sci-fi. Film Venom akan disutradarai Alex Kurtzman, yang pernah menggarap film The Amazing Spider-Man 2. . Genre horor yang diusung film ini tentu menarik, karena jarang dimiliki film superhero lainnya terutama yang berasal dari Marvel. Terlebih, film spin-off Spider-Man ini menceritakan mengenai salah satu villians di dunia cerita Spider-Man, dan kesuksesannya masih dipertanyakan, karena film ini tidak akan tergubung dengan MCU. . Selain Venom masih ada film spin off dari dunia Spider-Man yaitu Black Cat dan Silver Sable, naskahnya bakal disusun oleh penulis "Thor: Ragnarok," yakni Chris Yost. . Venom sendiri akan dirilis 5 Oktober 2018, karena terbilang diproduksi secara mendadak semoga film ini tidak mengecewakan ekspetasi para fans anti hero unggulan ini. . . . #venom #blackcat #silversable #spidermanverse #spidey #spidermanhomecoming #sonypicture #sony #disney #mcu #marvel #spiderman #theamazingspiderman #thorragnarok #horrormovie #october2018 #movie #film #antihero #carnage #happyholiday #lfl #themarveluniverse #marvelindonesia #enjoy

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I know I missed The Week In Wink with @moviemunchtime but after the insta hack and a one week hiatus, I'm happy to have them back! Give them a follow and share your thoughts on this week's segment: . . Having been sick for the last two weeks from a flu that just won’t quit, I’m turning to the most powerful of medicines: those prescribed by Doctor Hype. Restore me. . . Two daily doses of my favourite action stars: Robert Downey Jr. will star in THE VOYAGE OF DOCTOR DOLITTLE. But my phlegm remains a dark, fungal green because the director/writer/producers attached seem to carry an incurable storytelling disease. But here comes Tom Cruise, who has been training a whole year for the tentpole stunt in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6. This movie will be very good. . . Unfortunately, my stomach gurgles and I must spend the next hour on a porcelain throne, as an ASSASSIN’S CREED TV SERIES is in the works, to emit fecal follicles from our screens over a period of weeks before it’s inevitable cancelation. . . Quick, get me a nasal drip made of the melted essence of brilliance from that latest ALIEN: COVENANT poster. Ahhh, the air is fresh and carries the moist scent of purified geek juice. . . A nurse delivers the news that Sony is working on its own Marvel Universe. The first two films to kick this off will be an R-Rated VENOM and a BLACK CAT & SILVER SABLE. Look, their working with what they have. Indifferent, lie back in bed, slurp porridge and continue watching random episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. (It could be worse. The other day I enjoyed the endearing handmade quality of 1994's live action Flintstones movie.) . . Reports that an addictive drug in the form of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is spreading across the globe, having earned $700 million in just its first two weeks. The king continues his reign of power. . . Joseph Gordon-Levitt will direct and star in an R-rated musical by the writer of Scott Pilgrim and the Jump Street Movies? I feel my nausea subsiding. His co-star is Channing Tatum?! Mine throat soothes. Mine glucose levels balance. . . (Continued in Comments)

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No dia 27 de Março de 2006, Venom lançava seu 11° álbum "Metal Black".

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