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This is amazing. My version of spaghetti carbonara #vegan I don't have measurements, I did by eye. But here is the steps: - cook the pasta as regular (I used the tofu pasta) - stir fry shitake mushrooms with garlic and chopped onions - set it aside - chopp vegan bacon and fry in the pan with olive oil - when bacon is ready, add garlic - add the pasta and stir - aside mix unsweetened cashew milk, shared vegan cheese (I used provolone cheese from Daya) and spices - add the mix to the pasta and stir - add salt and peppers and more spices if you like (I used parsley and oregano) - add the mushrooms at the end On the picture I have vegan chicken cutlets from Garden It's so good! So creamy #tagme if you try this 💕 #vegan #veganmeals #veganfood #veganfoodshare #vegangirl #vegangood #veganlife #lifestyle #eathealthy #eatclean #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthylife #healthylifestyle #wholefoods #nomeat #instafood #instagood #instashare #healthyrecipes #fit #fitlife #fitness #veganrecipes #veganfoodporn

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Feels like a Sunday Acai bowls buried in blankets Seriously love these days •••• House tasks done, hoping to finish my YouTube this evening. I'll update you all 🤗 ••• Really appreciate all the DMs requesting my Ebook. It motivates me to work diligently on it and give it 100%. That's why I've decided to work on releasing it the end of June. Using Indesign is a new software for me but as soon as I get acquainted we will be bussing out these recipe books 🙌🏾✨🤓

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U M A M I 🍔 B U R G E R with wasabi mayo and a lot of flavor ❣️💛 (Veggie, vegan and gluten free options 🙂)

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