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7 hours ago

Creds to @versacebrats for the first two vids • Txunamy was also yelling that the song was inappropriate. The guy ( @gregmarks ) did post a couple vids on his story explaining the situation, but some of the things sounded fake to me. But, Idk. I feel bad for Txunamy and Hayley because the guys right next to them were acting all crazy and it looked like they were ignoring that they were even there! I also feel bad for Annie, because she looked so uncomfortable and surprised when everybody said the bad words. She's not used to hearing swear words. • #hayley #hayleyleblanc #hayleybratayley #hayleynoelle #txunamy #annie #annieleblanc #anniebratayley #anniegrace #limo #limousine #bratayley #officiallybratayley #fact

10 hours ago

They played a lot of inappropriate song and you know like I understood when they played "I spy" because that's a popular song and it doesn't have much swearing but when they played a song in which the lyrics are "can't keep my dick in my pants" like wtf where was the logic they clearly knew that there was kids there because they were sitting next to them and they even recorded them and they were just jumping and screaming the lyrics like there is plenty of good songs to play that are appropriate and/or don't have a lot of swearing Hayley Annie and txunamy all looked extremely uncomfortable and their excuse was that "they were all having a good time" clearly they weren't because they looked uncomfortable and even txunamy told them to stop one of the people in the limo said that the parents were there but that doesn't change anything what were the parents going to do tell them to stop so that everyone in the limo would get mad at them no the people playing the music should have used the logic to make sure the music they were playing was appropriate I honestly just feel that it would not have been as bad if it was just Annie but Hayley and txunamy were there too and they are 8 years old and the fact that they were just jumping all over them and screaming was just stupid #bratayley #hannie #annieleblanc #anniebratayley #hayleybratayley #hayleyleblanc #txunamy

10 hours ago

sorry i couldn't find any videos or pictures of them but annie, hayley and txunamy were in a limo and the teenageras were singing inapropriate songs hayley and txunamy were covering their ears and txunamy shouted 'this is inappropriate for us' #hayle #annie #bratayley #leblanc #txunamy

15 hours ago

This whole thing just disgusts me. Like okay its not greg's fault but he could have helped. Plus he lied about Txunamy were yelling "its not appropriate for us" when we can clearly hear it. Yet its also not the parents fault or the kids bec THIS IS A LIMO AND EVERYONE SHOULD BE COMFORTABLE IN IT and no im not saying they should put dora on but at least get cleaner music. Even i can never ever listen to that music even though im almost 13. Im too innocent for this too tbh 😐😒 but i go too public school so i hear swears a lot. ☹️ #hayleyleblanc #txunamy #annieleblanc #bratayley

23 hours ago

im so disappointed with those teens, and i feel so bad for hayden, annie, hayley, and txunamy they don't deserve this and i give all my respect that they covered their ears i really feel disgusted with what happened 😶🙄 #haydensummerall #bratayley #txunamy

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