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"Maximum effort..." - Deadpool🐐 euphoric push day tonight!

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Upper body day done and can't move my arms 💪🏽😫 warm up with face pulls 2x20 1. OHP 6x6 2. Seated rows and flat db press superset 3x12 each 3. Tricep push down with hammer curls 3x15 each 4. Side laterals with rear delt flys 3x12 each Finish off with dips 2-3 sets until failure and your favorite form of cardio( no one loves cardio) Give it a try and #repost if you enjoyed it!

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HI 👋🏼Not gonna lie, this weather had me itching to make a fort out of my covers this morning instead of pushing them aside and beginning my day. Ever have those days where you swear your bed is crying when you leave it and you feel bad and need to crawl back in? Same. Also, if anyone is down for fort building, holla atchur gurl. #27GoingOn7 But I actually ended up having a really productive day and killer leg workout that I'll share below for sure. Tomorrow I will be climbing the stairs like Magic Johnson in heels. Mind over matter, faith over fear, coffee over Monday ☕️ How was your day? 👇🏼🦄 Tell me something good Pop tart fueled leg smash let's goooo Squats - pyramid 3x10/8/6 up in weight 3x4/6/8 down in weight Jump squats 2x15-20 Cable glute pull-through 3x15 SQUEEEEZE Leg press 2x6-8 Glute kickback 2x6-8 each leg Front squats 2x10-12 Happy Monday friends ❤

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Straight Leg Kickbacks: Reps 4×15

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