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Here is facts about our #magicalToothpaste ! Click link in bio to order! #toothpaste #toothbrush #toofaced #teeth #toothygrin #toothache Abrasivity) of Magical whitening toothpaste is 103. An RDA OF 150-200 is considered a harmful limit on the scale. There are 20 toothpastes on the market with a higher RDA than Magical Toothpaste..5 of those are considered in the harmful limit. So I would say use at your own discretion. I personally love it Just an FYI ... Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) is a method of measuring the erosive effects of abrasives in toothpastes. RDA values for our toothpastes: Magical Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste- 103 Toothpastes with an RDA values of 150-200 are considered at the harmful limit. Here's a list of toothpastes MORE abrasive than our WHITENING toothpaste, each with increasing RDA values: 1. Arm & Hammer Sensation 2. Sensodyne Extra Whitening 3. Arm & Hammer Advanced Whitening 4. Crest Sensitivty Protection 5. Sensodyne Full Protection Whitening 6. CREST REGULAR 👀 7. Aquafresh Whitening 8. Arm & Hammer Sensation Tartar Control 9. Arm & Hammer Advanced White Gel 10. Crest Sensitivty Whitening + Scope 11. Crest Extra Whitening 12. Crest Pro Health Night 13. Colgate Total Whitening 14. Crest Pro Health Enamel Shield 15. Pepsodent Considered at the HARMFUL limit👇 16. Crest Sensitive Whitening 17. Crest Pro Health 18. Colgate Advanced Health 19. Colgate Tartar Control 20. Colgate 2-in-1 Tartar Control/Whitening Do you see your toothpaste(s) on this list? They are more harmful to your teeth!

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This is my new furend, Cooper the #BlackLab , that I played with this morning after Mahm dragged me out of bed early. He's probably the world's first tap dancing dog. 😆 #OlStumbleyLegsMcGee . . (Mahm "Mom" - Our schedule was a little turned around this morning, so Apache wasn't exactly raring to go at 6:30 in the morning. He pepped up quite a bit when Cooper arrived though. 😄 . Apache's always got such a toothy play face. Don't let it fool you though, he's really quite sweet. He just looks like a dope. 😅) . . . #LazyPlay #DoggieDaycare #ClassyClip #ClassyClips #ClassyClipGroomingSalon #Aussiedork #Aussiedor #Aussie #AussieLabMix #AustralianShepherdLabMix #AustralianShepherd #LabMix #DogsOfInstagram #RescueDog #RescueDogsOfInstagram #AdoptDontShop #OptToAdopt #ToothyGrin #YellowBandana

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Day 24 of #marchmeetthemaker is #milestone ... Well this little monkey, my last born, is starting nursery next month. I would say that's a pretty big milestone... Suddenly I will have more time and less chaos at home... But also much less giggling! 💕

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