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Post Workout #flexfriday selfie 🤳 AND CONFESSION!!! 🥁 drum roll please.... I DID NOT feel like working out today! Yup even coaches have off days!!! It's true!!! Sometimes we are tired, or our lives are so full that we push the exercise portion of our day into the background. I get it. Because we all have our struggles! And today I turned to my accountability group and saw all the post workout selfies of my challengers, and felt instantly motivated! What was stopping me from getting up off the couch and moving my butt?! Only myself... and once I realized that, it was easier to see the bright side! And I totally get how hard that can be! Thankfully I have challengers who are part of the 5am club so I can try daily motivation to be a better coach for their sake! While still filling their lives with joy and passion. Can anyone else relate to not wanting to workout today? What's stopping you??? #idontwanna #notfeelingit #lazyday #couchpotato #toothygrin #allsmiles #getyoursweaton

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