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15 minutes ago

HOLLLAAA!!! 🙌 Feeling VERY grateful today! 😊💕 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ has started out AWESOME, and I only see me going 🆙 from here!! ✨God is GOOD!!✨ #tooblessedtobestressed

34 minutes ago

So... upon saying goodbye to my wonderful fiance who is leaving for California tomorrow night, and with my first shift of one of the most exciting jobs I've had to date, beginning in a few hours...this happens. It's really one of those combination moments where you see how well your fruit is doing based on the distress that you undergo. And by fruit, I'm referring to fruits of the spirit; joy, peace, patience, and self-control etc. It's weird feeling out of control, being left to swallow the fact that there is nothing you can do but be late to the first day of your job, and realize that the one person you wish you could go through this with...well, he's not with you and won't be for a while. I'm not really confident enough to say that God flattened my tire. But I will say that it allowed me some time to spend with Him, time to be thankful for roadside assistance and good weather and kind people, time to be thankful for parents who walked me through this experience, time to reflect on how good the Lord truly is to me consistently, and a real-life-hand-over-the-control panel back to God moment. Life hands you stresses, how you handle them might be a good indicator of how much you trust your life with the One who gave it to you. #tooblessedtobestressed #flatsaregross #jesusisbetter #EnochTheXB

57 minutes ago

Omg! I can't believe you are 6ft and 19 years old! And I still call you mijo 😂😂🙌👌 I remember when you were just a baby, my little black Buddha, you were the most chunky little thing I had ever seen! We had so much fun growing up. We had our moments where we fought like cats and dogs, but I love you bro! You are the best uncle and the boys love you so much. Our family was blessed with you 19 years ago today and I pray we are blessed with many many more! #JonahLeeWhite #19yearsyoung #happybirthday #loveyoubro #tooblessedtobestressed

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