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▪Absolutely exhausted this week. Juggling placement/uni commute/homework/paid work has been a challenge. I'm on my final week of this placement and I quit my part time job this week because I was too stressed out. ▪I've barely seen wifey and when we have seen each other it is fleeting. I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day and I miss just being together. Tonight I came home and we just cuddled for a while...before I had to tackle homework. ▪I have to remind myself it's short term means to an end. #unilife #studentlife #tired #wifey #wifetime #snuggles #sofacuddles

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Getting parents the sleep they not only deserve, but desperately need to function, is our goal. Can you imagine how good you would feel, if you could sleep through the night? Now think about the effect that would have on yourself, your children, your job, your daily life! Sounds amazing? IT IS! #faithtrustandsleepydust #sleeptraining #sleep

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