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CDT day 49 • June 22nd • mile 1114.6 to 1135.7 • 21.1 distance (this post contains multiple photos): There was smoke in the air this morning. This is always a bit unnerving, not knowing if you might turn a corner and find the trail consumed in flames. I followed the trail as it climbed to Chalk Creek pass, over a few small snow fields, then descended via a rough 4WD track to the Hancock trailhead. Along the way I met a day hiker who said the smoke was from fires in northern Colorado, and not anything nearby, a relief for now but hopefully not anything that will close the CDT in the coming days as I get further north. . The trail then followed an abandoned rail bed of the Denver, South Park and Pacific railroad. I love the history of these mountain railroads, there is a beautifully restored engine from the DSP&P on display in a park in Breckenridge, along with a small museum that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in this. On my CT thru-hike I spent a good hour talking with the guy in that museum, learning more about these lines, so it's cool to see more of it in person. . After a few miles on the rail bed the trail climbed steeply up a slope covered in snow and traversed past a small alpine lake to an unnamed pass where I stopped for lunch. It then descended to a valley floor, some snow on the trail, but mostly clear here. This was the start of the Collegiate West Low Route alternate, shorter and lower. I stuck to the official CDT route and the trail climbed upwards, in trees at first, then on an open steep hillside. The trail was almost entirely dry on this climb, but after crossing over the ridge line traversed several steep snow fields. . The trail continued along in much the same way, but with considerably more snow on the trail. Not as much or as continuous as in the San Juans, but still a fair bit. I stopped just before another pass, cowboy camping in some low shrub. . #cdt #continentaldividetrail #cdt2017 #cdt17 #colorado #hikecolorado #coloradolive #coloradotrail #collegiatepeaks #thruhike #thruhiking #hiking #backpacking #outside #adventure #instablog

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CDT day 48 • June 21st • mile 1099.4 to 1114.6 • 15.2 distance (this post contains multiple photos): I got up and had a great breakfast, then Jerry drove me to WalMart to buy resupply and back up to Monarch pass. Thanks again to Jerry and Debbie for everything! . I got on trail about noon. The trail climbed up to a ridge and joined a dirt access road as it traversed the top of Monarch Mountain ski area. Monarch is a medium-sized area (800 acres, 1162ft vertical), popular with locals. I've heard good things about it, but never skied here myself. The trail crossed a few snow patches and the top terminals of a CTEC fixed-grip quad and a couple Hall double chairs, and continued along the ridge. . Not long after the ski area was the site of the Monarch pass game drive, a site used by native american tribes as far back as 3000BC. A series of stone walls were used to funnel herds of animals to where hunters were waiting in ambush pits with spears. It doesn't look like much now, but it's an interesting piece of history. . The trail then descended steeply down a river valley, with a fair bit of snow on the ground, especially in the trees. Nothing problematic, but slow going for a time. The snow continued for a couple miles until the trail got below 11000 feet, where the trail was mostly bare. It passed by a lake and began climbing up the other side. I stopped just before it starts a final climb up over a snowy pass, cowboy camping in a dry grassy area. . #cdt #continentaldividetrail #cdt2017 #cdt17 #colorado #hikecolorado #coloradolive #coloradotrail #collegiatepeaks #thruhike #thruhiking #hiking #backpacking #outside #adventure #instablog

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Happy trails to those charging on thru hikes this year! -- We are always honored when a customer chooses to take a pair of Bedrocks along for the big journey. -- Thanks to the legend @lint_hikes for this 📷. Lint has the hiked over 20,000 miles on 🇺🇸long trails and (as you can imagine) has great gear advice - check out his YouTube channel True to The Thru and linthikes.com

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Bake Oven Knob and the outpour of love yesterday. I spent the morning relaxing in the shade with the most epic view. A view I've seen many times, but never gets old. I make my way down the mountain to a surprise BBQ for thru hikers thrown by the amazing Allentown Hiking Club. Hot dogs, pasta salads, drinks, restock supplies, charging stations, washing stations, doughnuts. The kindest people, doing such an amazing thing. As I'm basking in this glory, who pulls up from driving all the way from Philly and NYC, but my longtime friends Max and Gil. This was incredible! We hiked back up the mountain to watch the sun move across the sky, took in the views we'd shared before, cold drinks, glorious snacks, Allentown Farmers market restock supplies!!, lots of laughs and stories flowing. Well it didn't end there. They then drove me to Allentown, where I went to college years before, to meet two other great friends, Josh and Sid, and the two beautiful girls in their lives, who drove from way out in New Jersey to see me. I spent the evening being treated to drinks and food, at the old bars we used to frequent, with the greatest people, laughing our asses of, and sharing stories of the stupid things we used to do. To top it all off, as I'm in town, two other brothers from my fraternity, who I never met before yesterday, let my smelly dirty self into their house to shower and wash my laundry, without a hesitation. I mean, is this real life, because the entire time I didn't believe it was true. We said our goodbyes late in the night, Sid dropped me back off at the trail, and they all took their long drives home. I found a spot to set my tent, lay down for the evening, and just started laughing. Every time I wake up out here, I know the day ahead might not be easy. Yet this constant flow of love from friends, family, and even strangers, whether it be in person, through text, or just a comment or like on a post, fills me with such joy, and gives me the boost I need to make it that extra mile. Thank you guys for a great day, and thank you to everyone who's supported me on this journey, you've helped make it amazing. Can't believe it's only just begun.

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Want to see the 2017 total solar eclipse? Then maybe you should plan an #AppalachianTrail hike in North Carolina-Tennessee on August 21! For more information on exact locations to view the eclipse, including National Parks around the United States, click our profile link. #FindYourTrail #FindYourPark

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Day 7 of the #gratitudechallenge this was a seriously hard pose for me today. My legs were cramping my arms lacked the strength to lift me off the ground (which is why I had to use rocks) and I seriously could only hold this for like a second. Everything hurts and I'm exhausted. I'm just thankful the rain has held off for a bit. . . . . . This challenge was originally hosted by @kinoyoga & @beachyogagirl . A few of us #hiking #yogis decided to do a challenge while we hike the #AppalachianTrail to help us be consistent with our #yoga practice. #buddhistcop #hiking #hikingadventures #thruhike #thruhiker #yogiesgonewild #awakeinthewild #yogaeverydamnday

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