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🇧🇷A Sony Pictures UK liberou o mais novo e original cartaz animado para ‘Homem-Aranha: De Volta ao Lar’. -- 🇺🇸Sony Pictures UK has released the newest and most original animated poster for 'Spider-Man: Back Home'. -- #tomholland #homemaranha #spiderman #followme #spidermanhomecoming #geek #nerd #marvel #marvelbrasil #marvelstudios #pipocandonoticias #news #guardiansofthegalaxy #avangers #vingadores #guardioesdagalaxia #comingsoon #coming_soon #coomingsoon #lauraharrier #homemaranhanobrasil #thorragnarok #tonystark #robertdowneyjr #homemdeferro #ironman #shocker #sonypictures

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I am really in love with the pairing of Rhea’s personality and Loki’s. Sorry you have to endure this. ***************************************** Pt. 3 “Look,” Loki mumbled with the wave of his fork, “I’d murder for you. Hell, I’d die for you, but if you take another one of my fries, I’ll just plain kill you.” He finished stuffing several fries in his mouth. Rhea smiled and reached over. She placed her pointer finger on one of his fries. “Oh... you mean…” She said innocently, “Like this?” Loki gave her a warning look and she snatched up one of the fries off the plate and popped it in her mouth. He set his jaw and let a long breath out his nose. “I will do it.” Loki croaked through gritted teeth. She snatched another one waved it all about and then ate that one as well. “Rhea..” he growled lowly to warn her she was getting closer and closer to his breaking point, a playful, mischievous, glint in his ember green eyes. Rhea reached out to snatch another one and he grabbed her wrist. He huffed reached out his hand and grabbed the remaining six fries and shoveled them into his mouth. He let go of her and she laughed at him. “Pig.” Rhea teased and the waitress came over to their table in the large fancy restaurant. “Everything okay over here?” She questioned eyeing Loki suspiciously. Loki gave her two big thumbs up and grinned letting food fall out of his mouth and the waitress left slightly offended. Rhea hid a smile behind her napkin. “Pitty you chased her away I was going to order my own fries.” she mocked taking the napkins off her lap and dabbing the edges of her mouth. Loki looked exasperated. “Well, I won so you’ll have to pay for them anyway.” Loki said leaning back and crossing his arms across his chest smugly. “You cheated.” Rhea mumbled. Loki smiled at her loving the defeat evident on her face. She looked up with fire in her eyes. Loki tilted his head in understanding and then almost in unison they rose to their feet. Loki took a few steps toward her offering his arm. She placed her hand on his forearm and he placed his hand over hers. He smiled down at her and they commenced their dine-n-dash. They passed the familiar face of their waitress. (More below)

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