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3 hours ago

This chapter is so creative! Already down to my 17th list , I came to realize I shouldn't overthink things too much. Spring is already here and new people that gather make new experiences afloat to better beginnings. I always say the previous year was a total drag and a waste of my time. But perhaps I was seeing it with such void flashbacks that I wasn't so proud or content with. But as they say worldwide; "life goes on". it really does not stop for anyone. So if you wanna make change of some sort because you are unhappy with how things are going or are, change to a different lane and see a different point of view. I've already let pass a lot of time to figure it all out at once. But I think I keep forgetting I have all the time in the world. And you can too. #makegoals #thisyear #whynot #behappy #dontworry #springishere 🌸💐🌎👭👫👬 book by : @mooreaseal 💓

4 hours ago

Reppin' our boys in Arizona. World Series Game 8: Indians Win. 🙌🏻 #TribePride

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