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"Better to fight for something than live for nothing" -Gen George Patton . I remember the day I decided I had a deep respect for men willing to die for their country. I had picked up an old used book as a teenager called "Johnny Got His Gun". I grabbed it thinking it would be something totally different because there was a peace sign on the cover. It is an anti war novel....I didn't get that from it. I read this pain and dread and understood so many men throughout the history of humanity have felt this. They have lost body parts, senses, their minds, and their lives. And they would choose to keep doing it. Because some ideas are worth it. I am proud to be an American military wife. Remember those that have gone before us to protect and serve this great nation is something we should do every day of the year. Honor your heros. They gave, and continue to give you the freedoms others can only dream of. Some of them gave their lives.

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@barbellapparel is having a huge Memorial Day Sale! Three pairs of their amazing athletic fit jeans for $300. You can also use discount code elkins for additional savings at check out. - -Free shipping, free returns! - -My favorite are the dark wash straight fit. I also love the Havok polos and all of the shorts and board shorts! - - -This pic is from January a couple weeks before I got Lasik eye surgery. Who misses the glasses? 🤓🤓🤓 - #stillanerdtho #barbellapparel #cuttingedgephysiques

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@dappergeeknews slayed me with this shoot!!! 🍑❤️🍑 Virgin Killer Velma #vkv I think this stupid idea is hilarious 😂

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Just posted lots of pictures wearing this gorgeous Curvy Kate balconette camisole and Pourmoi robe on Patreon, if interested check out the link in my bio.☺❤❤ Patreon.com/Bornin93  #curvy    #thick    #curvygirl    #plussizelingerie    #plussize    #fullfigured    #makeup    #photogram    #photooftheday    #effyourbeautystandards    #plusisamust    #loveyourself    #lingerie    #chubbybunny    #honormycurves    #instagood    #plussizebeauty    #mua    #browneyes    #brownhair    #beauty    #plusmodelmag    #modeling    #boudoir    #boudoirphotography    #curvykate    #pourmoi   @pourmoiltd @curvykate

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I can't even pass on her 🤤🤤 she walk around wit all that damn ass on her 🎂🍑🙏🏽👏🏽 #thick

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Another goddess at Carnival ✨🔥

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Show me somethin' natural like ass with some stretch marks 🎶💯

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Stuck inside on this GORGEOUS weekend because I like to procrastinate with essays and other things due 😃👍 #whyareyoulikethis But at least I got these leg gains to keep me company #fanphotobomb #badabing

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