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3 months ago

Friends, this is really hard for me so no judgement please. If you could please like, share and tag anyone that may be suitable. Thank you xx Hi, I'm Eddy, an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel. And I need your help! I am an exceptional dog, could you offer me an exceptional fur-ever home? Eddy has stolen our hearts. With the best of intentions, we very suddenly took him in as a private surrender, as his previous owners home circumstance changed. He is obedient, affectionate, FULL of love and absolutely beautiful. Eddy is house trained, desexed, up to date with his vetting and microchipped. He has a new bed, blanket, harness, lead and a very dapper bow tie. Now, he just needs you! Our intention was to keep him full time, providing he, Harley and Bennii all assimilated well. As we have learned over the past 2 weeks, the dynamic really changes from 2 to 3 male dogs.

4 months ago

When you think flipping the ottoman on the couch is a good idea to keep the dogs off and Mr. Edward has different ideas. Just breathe Ryan 😁

4 months ago

And just like that, there were 3! Adam, myself and our fur-children Harley and Bennii would like to introduce you to Edward, the Cocker Spaniel. Our third (and possibly final) canine companion. We are now outnumbered by dogs! Ed found his way to us as a private surrender, due to his families circumstance changing and him not getting the care and attention needs/deserves. His owner made the wise decision to find him a brighter future, with the company of other dogs and lots of love. That's when we stepped in! That, and being spoilt rotten we can provide! And his own bedroom! Whilst it's only been a few hours, he has been an absolute angel. Using the dog door, sitting and staying, sleeping on his bed and not overwhelming Harley & Bennii. He's also put up with me brushing him and giving him a little wipe with baby wipes, hehe. The only issue now is we need an SUV, good excuse to get another Merc I suppose! If anyone is having difficulty caring for their pet or knows of an animal in need, sing out and we will point you in the right direction. #edward #cockerspaniel #rescued #dog #malteseofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #instadog #instapup #mansbestfriend #therealhousedogsofmelbourne #caninecompanion #dogadoption #secondchance #instagramdogs #ilovemydogs #instapet #petstragram #dogstagram #dogcrushdaily #dogsofmelbourne

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