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2 days ago

“He brought that ‘Grandpa Juice’ is what I call it, and we all followed. It’s inspiring. We shouldn't wait for him to do that before we get into gear. It really is inspiring when you see him dive on the ball, putting his body on the line, hard drives, hard cuts, it gets us all rolling. Like I said, we shouldn't need that to get us going, but he’s a hell of a player, hell of a competitor, and then it trickles down and we feed off of it for sure.” - Patty on Manu #SpursNation #TheHighlights #GoSpursGo

6 days ago

April 1980 - Ronald Reagan campaigning for the presidency at the Alamo. One of many US Presidents to appear at the Alamo. What do you think ? #Vintage #TheHighlights #Historical

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