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4 days ago

skyscrapers. the bean. bookstores. boba tea. and polaroids. Chicago is a magical place to be. #chicago #thehighlights

6 days ago

I was in the studio with 'Pac, I had some records with me, and there was this old song that I played for him to see if he liked the vibe. He felt it and told me to go home and hook up a beat like that. I went home and hooked it up as fast as I could, and I think I came back the same night and he listened to the track three times, and in like 15 minutes he was already done with his lyrics. He went in the booth without telling anyone what the track was about he just laid it in one take--over about three tracks. Then he told Val Young what the concept was, and she went in and laid her chorus vocal in one take, too. After the vocals were done, 'Pac had Ricky Rouse [Makaveli musician] replace my keyboard bass and guitar parts with live bass and guitar parts, and the song was done--less than two hours total. This song just flowed out of everyone that was a part of it. No one thought twice no one doubted anything. It was full speed ahead until it was done--as if it was guided or meant to be. Ever since recording like that, without thinking twice like that, I have changed the way I look at making music. -QDlll #WorkEthic #RealMC #RealHipHop #TheHighlights #PodcastTalk

1 week ago

드로잉, 회화, 설치미술, 비디오아트, 웹툰, 애니메이션, 사진, 조각, 공예 등 생각보다 다채로운 볼거리가 있었고 무엇보다 박찬욱감독과 박찬경작가로 구성된 예술가 듀오 파킹찬스나 이불 같은 한국 아티스트들의 작품들을 만나게되어 괜시리 흐뭇해졌던 전시 최근 화가 정중원을 보고 하이퍼리얼리즘에 관심을 갖게 됐는데 그래서인지 혈관 피부톤 점 눈동자 머리카락 하나하나 너무 극사실적으로 표현해 신기하면서도 무섭기까지 했던 론뮤익의 작품을 가장 유심히 보게된 것 같다 밝은 컬러감과 글리터로 화려해 보이는 이미지 속에 정치적인 메시지를 유머러스하게 담아낸 쉐리삼바의 작품도 론뮤익의 작품과 함께 이번 전시에서 나의 하이라이트 #까르띠에 #하이라이트 #전시회 #cartier #TheHighlights #exhibition #서울시립미술관 #론뮤익 #쉐리삼바 #파킹찬스 #일상 #맞팔 #소통

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