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"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." -Winnie the Pooh 💛: Oh, bother! It's time to break out the honey because today is National Winnie the Pooh Day 🎉🎉🍯 (thanks so much to my sweet friend Sharon @thedessertpantry for letting me know 💕)!!! In honor of his big day and also A.A. Milne's birthday, I hope you won't mind me sharing my Pooh smoothie bowl with you again 😊. I grew up watching Winnie the Pooh, and while his silliness always makes me smile (also his cute tummy 😄), it's his words that stick with me the most. Hope you have the sweetest rest of your week 😘🐝

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pen pal packages // 💌 // from vienna

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Great story of kindness in the house tonight! 📍Minnesota is on the map. Love, love, this story, Chase!! 👇👍 "Two years ago I was trying to get from Minneapolis to Denver on standby and ended up stranded in Minneapolis for a day and a half. Found a cheap hotel nearby so I wouldn’t have to sleep on the airport floor. On my 3:45am shuttle to the airport I met a flight crew that ended up being the crew for my flight back to Denver! They saw my frustration with the situation and I told them about the lively last 48 hours of my life. At this point, the lovely flight attendant, Tracy, pulled me up to first class where she brought me a cookies and a mimosa. Two years later I immediately recognized her and had to share that story with her. She said that it made her so happy to hear that such a small gesture made a memory that I’ll never forget. At which point she proceeded to give me a cookie and a milk carton! Small acts of kindness can always leave more of an impression that you may initially think. Grab a coffee for someone behind you in line, hold the door open, or help someone carry their groceries to their car. You never truly know how much it may mean to someone. Thank you, Tracy ” ~ Chase

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My son was born one year ago by emergency c section. Going in for a monthly scan at 11am then by 3pm that same day my son had entered the world 3 Months early.. I have #Pcos #type2diabetes #adrenalfatigue and #hypothyroidism Which I now have under control through my nutritional and supplement intake. My son was planned and 1 year prior to having him I did a serious change in my life, I held myself accountable each day to eat clean and maintain a healthy balance in my life! I conceived in December 2014 only trying after 1 month to get pregnant! My menses have always been up and down but once I started to eat right and exercise, my skin, hair, nails and all the other nasties Pcos brings all started to fall in line... Whilst pregnant my doctor had me on iron tablets and aspirin. Despite this my body went into overdrive and I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. My blood pressure was 240/117 and rising! My doctor and family knew I had to deliver early and was at Avery high risk of having a stroke or losing my baby, pcos can bring major complications whilst pregnant and further down the line so ladies please ensure you are doing the best by your body to be strong enough to fight pcos and all of its ailments prior and during your pregnancy. Until this day I still drink 1 litre of coconut water.. Why? @chicoconutbrand .... More of my story will be up on the new website so stay tuned! 💕 P.S if you are pregnant with PCOS....REST AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! 💕 #infertility #PCOS #love #me #smile #pregnant #lifestyle #music #glutenfree #beautiful #happy #highbloodpressure #food #thehappynow #preeclampsia #diabetes #fashion #pregnant #prematurebaby #makeup #beauty #yoga #greensmoothie #adrenalfatigue #maca #hypothyroidism

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today we toured "the big kids" school for sofia. kindy reg is just over a week away. seriously how does time pass by so quickly?! back-to-back years of kindergarten enrollment has got me all 😢 also anytime i try to take a pic of her lately, she stops what she's doing and rocks this pose 👆🏻😂❤ | #holdthemoments

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|| RAD MAMA || "The scariest thing about having kids is holding the power to fuck up a human forever if you get it wrong. The best thing about having kids is using them as an excuse to leave a BBQ if it’s getting shit." more with rad mama @clairs_doodle on www.mumlifeproject.com #mumlifeproject #momlife #mumlife 📷: @hipster_mum

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My big kids were so excited to make their very own rollers today. They helped me choose the essential oils and (with supervision) made it up themselves! They both chose uplifting and grounding oils to help them deal with the 'grumpies' (I might try one of their blends myself😬). . . When you are using oils with children please make sure you are diluting appropriately for their age. A little goes a long way. Essential oils can be amazing for children when used safely.

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In Siquijor I found that magic doesn't come in a box or bottle. It comes in the most unexpected place and form. Look closely; there is magic in the mundane. ✨

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The two love birds are on the blog tomorrow! Stay Tune!!

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Things I learned today: 1. It's ok to be a tad unorganized. I've just been feeling so overwhelmed the past couple of weeks. It's like the 2017 wedding season kicked off WAY earlier than usual and I was so not ready lol. BUT that's ok & I just need to take a breath and tackle the things that need to be done in that moment and everything else can wait. 2. Surround yourself with genuine people. I spent this afternoon catching up with @gritandgoldweddings and, guys, it was so good for my heart. Everything from clients to Jesus and I felt so full when I left. I'm so excited about this year and cannot wait to continue to build lasting #friendors (vendor friends) Photo: @ardenprucha

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Another new bath bomb in our Valentine collection! Happy Love is lightly sweet yet a little woodsy. It's a yummy one for sure. *Remember that ALL of our products are 100% natural. Wondering about the purple color of this one?...purple potato was used! Most products are up on the website!! #happynashco #allnaturalproducts

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Engagement sessions that end with a beer at Founders are my favorite kinds of engagement sessions 👍🍻😍 Mary and Terrence are on the blog tonight!

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Today has consisted of pressing my inbox refresh button every 5 minutes.. 1. To find out when I can get back into the photography department and 2. Because I applied for a place to live and really hope i get it 🤷🏼‍♀️. Going to viewing after viewing of flats has made my stomach so sore with anxiety I can't wait to just move in somewhere! . . . . . . . . . . #blackandwhitephotography #passionpassport #visualarchitects #flashesofdelight #thecreatorclass #jointheclass #anxiety #photographystudent #thehappynow #agameoftones #artofvisuals #vsco #vscogrid #thatsdarling #explorecreatetakeover #stayandwander #moodygrams #liveauthentic #postthepeople #studiophotoshoot #studiolighting

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