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I took a Facebook poll and asked my friends to describe me in three words. And WOAH!! Almost every person led with "ambitious." Other descriptors included creative, analytical, kind, passionate, productive, energetic, compassionate, fearless, strong, motivated, determined. And then my little sister used big words like gregarious and astute haha. ____ Reading their responses reminded me of this image I took in February. I had laid out my #paisleyPROPOSAL work in chronological order to really see the growth & pivots I've made over the last few years in this little side hustle of mine. I've since launched more products & offerings, and have more in the works- so it's crazy to even think this is "outdated" now. I thought of this image because I've had to be all of those words to get where I am- whether I realized I was embodying those things or not... I did it. ____ How about you? What words would you use to describe me? What words would YOUR friends use to describe YOU?! I encourage you to do this same exercise. It can be so refreshing to hear others' (hopefully positive) perceptions of yourself, especially when we can be our own worst critic. 💕

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Love this trip + you! So, so thankful to have such a fun, wonderful sister-in-law friend 💕

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When I graduated college I did a summer program and NYU on book and magazine publishing. (I had dreams of being a journalist back then.) At a certain point of the program we had speakers come in. I'm talking Publishers, Editors, big shots in the publishing world. One man gave us all his email and send him his resume. I'm the only one who did. I had an interview two days later. Take advantage of opportunities the universe brings your way! Ignoring it or letting disempowering thoughts win is like slapping the universe in the face. And as Gabby Bernstein says the universe has your back. 💋💋💋

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You guys, are you sick of the rain yet?! For those that don't live in the QC, it's been raining for days! @cara_194 and I even ended up shooting some pictures in the rain - but I mean, how cute is her outfit? Perfect for the rainy weather and casual outings! Head over to her page to see more of her fun, fab styles 🌧☁️

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I was recently asked by someone what sets me apart and I believe it's my passion for what I do and how deeply I care for my clients. My clients are on my mind 24/7. When they have a new baby, when they sell out of products, when they lose a loved one, when they get engaged, when they open a new brick & mortar, when their business is booming, when their new photoshoot kills it...I am cheering them on from afar and I am thinking of them always. I refer to my clients all by their name, not by their business, because I am so passionate about ALL of them. What do you think sets you apart?

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I really don't think the weather could be any prettier today! I've had all of the windows and doors open welcoming the cool breeze. Emma, Astair, and Story picked fresh veggies out of our little garden for a summer salad.

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One of my very favorite verses. I wrote on the blog about following God's call (link in bio). Where has God called you?? #lifewithpurejoy

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Hiking and super #happy . Loving #colorado and the mountains • plus having fun with snow in May • I'll be back to #etsy next week ✌

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So I'm not one to really swim in the ocean, I'm much more of a sun & sand kinda gal. But the beaches in San Diego are what make life in California pretty spectacular. _ My absolute favorite time to head down to the beach is just before sunset. I've been obsessed with sunsets for years and love to photograph them. The hubs even proposed to me in front of a view very similar to this. They give me all the feels 🌅😍. _ This is definitely my happy place. What's YOURS? #jkinstachallenge

10 minutes ago

Feeling a disproportionate sense of accomplishment after keeping our Jalepeno plant alive for 3 months...tonight we feast like kings! 🌶

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Cheers to all the incredible women who joined me for the first beta test of Bare. Your efforts, energy and insight turned the last 30 days into a highlight of my career and I can't wait to continue in a week! One of the reasons I named the program Bare was to reflect the peeling back of layers, emotional + physical. The program goes beyond getting flat abs (although that's a happy side effect 💁🏼) and in this next round of beta tests you'll get to experience + help me fine tune the inner glow coaching that aligns with the workouts. I'm all about that radical self-love from day one. That sports-bra-only, here I am world, this is ME, love every inch Vibe that keeps you glowing and inspires everyone around you. Magic is going to happen on June 5th, so let's rest up and get ready! Love you all, thank you for trusting me with your body!

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Happy 🐫 Day! Only 2 more days till the long weekend!! 🙌🏻 This week's #kandkfavorites are now on the blog!

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