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Rain: Please go away! Dad: Please let me inside!

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I love working at my kitchen table in this moody weather. And eating donuts. ☁️

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Small corners of the studio. I love it 🙂

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Watching new brands come to life is one of the most exciting things about being involved in the ethical fashion movement. I first discovered @theponybabe at the very launch of their Kickstarter campaign. I marveled as Rachel, the designer, owner, and one-woman show behind the brand, built her first collection, the "24-hour outfit," using the donations of backers, in women-owned factories in Brooklyn, NY. I saw her brand come to life, release that first collection, and lay out plans for the next one. And now, I get to "meet" her pieces in real life. I styled the racerback tank and the multi-use wrap on the blog- link in my bio! #inspiringsimplicity

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I've been struggling with the fact of patience. Every minute and everyday matters in your journey. But sometimes you just wanna get there, NOW! What's around the corner for you? #rebekahjulesenior

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Who doesn't love a shiny ring shot?? Amanda gave me not one, not two, but FIVE sets of her invitation suite!! That means I was able to rearrange and use the different suites to create a bigger layout, which is always a good thing! But I love also keeping it classic and traditional with a ring shot on the invitation ❤️

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I know it's #tbt but I'm skipping it and thinking about the weekend instead! Because who's excited about start of summer?! What are your memorial weekend traditions? - We usually get together for at least one meal with family and try to get at least one home in... what about you?

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"E v e r y d a y our God is committed to meeting our needs for attention, acceptance, security, trust, guidance, protection and significance. These needs never go away." #TheCure⠀ ⠀ It's good to know and acknowledge our needs. Thankfully we serve a God who knows our needs better than even we do, and is fully equipped to meet them!

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This is 25 | it's my golden birthday! ⭐️🥂🎂 Feeling so good today and excited for a new year ahead! ⭐️ It would mean so much to me if you headed over to The Gilded Bellini today + checked out my birthday post: reflecting on the last few years! 💫 Link is in my bio Xo #birthday #birthdaygirl #quarterofacentury #gemini♊

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