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1 hour ago

Flower shower 🌸🚿

2 hours ago

Sunday look! Happy children's day!//¿Como están pasando este Día del niño?

2 hours ago

Take your time, follow your way Be yourself and not somebody else, And soon you will strengthen your spirit ✨

4 hours ago

I will never win this game without you !❤️

6 hours ago

I like to find authenticity in people. Unauthentic people don't tell you what they think and fake their emotions. Don't be like them, authenticity is still our most precious asset. Be Authentic. 💭 _____________________________________ This shot was taken in the little village where I and my family used to go for vacation sometimes. Probably one of the greenest places on Earth. 🌺 #gottoloveit

7 hours ago

First time using the multiple photos upload feature featuring the cousin @basilslimshady who people apparently think we look alike but we totally disagree because he thinks he's always the better one. 🙄

7 hours ago

Who else managed to get their hands on a pair of these beauties ?? #yeezy #yeezy350 #kanyewest #adidas __________________________________________ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Checkout 👇👇👇 @streetandgentle @kosta_williams @carl_cunard @guideofmensstyle @sandro @magic_fox @hypebeast @hypedhaven @hypebeastkicks @outfitcurators @curatedfit @modamasculina_oficial @guideofmensstyle @gq_guys @wallfits @streetwearsource @uk.streetwear @all.streetwear @higheststreetfashion @fitsonpoint @simple.fits ____________________________________________

9 hours ago

• My favourite shades •

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