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019. Teddy's monologue - Pic 07 - 11 pm. Waterloo park. - I've been waiting at the park for hours. I found a good spot to park my car and managed to keep an eye on the park through my binoculars, which records the entire event as the time elapses. I don't want to risk any details. - I have pulled out location monitor for all mobile devices registered under Tam or Lionel. All the wristphones are all dead - out of juice presumably. - I think I might be able to get the wristphones to work again if I get close enough. I packed a remote charger which transfers an electrical current between two objects through the use of coils to induce an electromagnetic field. Unlike the usual home-grade chargers, mine is industrial grade and is able to wirelessly charge all devices within a 100-meter range. - But it does consume a lot of energy to charge from such a far distance. So I can't turn it on unless I am close enough. We stopped using petroleum as fuel ever since human beings managed to stabilise commercial-grade batteries transferred from renewable energy such as solar and wind. Even planes these days are operated by these kinds of batteries. After all, sunshine and wind power is endless. - 11:30 pm. Waterloo park. - This is not my first stake out but I can never get used to it. It's almost midnight in winter and it's freaking freezing cold. I can't have the AC on because i have to stay in the shadows. And I can't wear layers because I need to pack light in case of a fierce fight. Don't trust the TV shows. Stakeouts are just aweful. - 12 am. Waterloo Park - Just as I'm starting to think this could be a frivolous attempt, someone is approaching the park. A car pulls over too within minutes. The windows are tinted so I couldn't tell if it's self-driving or not. The person knocks on the car door in a particular pattern, stands there for a little and places a hand on the car door panel. The car door prompts open. - #stories #tale #scribble #writersofinstagram #writing #writercommunity #storytime #story #read #tech #fun #novel #fiction #novelwithpics #scifi #sciencefiction #storytelling #crime #crimestory #fic

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We are delighted to be a partner of this outstanding initiative. Join us on June 6-7 at DeCameron All Inclusive Resort and Save 30% on the Bronze, Gold and Platinum packages by using "Haitianbusinesses" at checkout Haititechsummit.com/➡️haitianbusinesses⬅️ ============ The very first @haititechsummit17 Summit is just a few weeks away. Help us make history and join 100 speakers and 1000+ attendees at the largest tech event in the Caribbean! Haitian-American Forbes 30 Under 30, IBM Global Entrepreneur and 1804 Changemakers Christine Souffrant Ntim is bringing the world to Haiti with the launched of the largest digital accelerator in the Caribbean. In an effort to accelerate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Haiti will host the largest annual gathering of innovators addressing humanity’s grandest challenges with the historic launch of the Haiti Tech Summit. Hear speaker insights from Airbnb, Google Launchpad, Uber and 40+ companies on the state of global startup ecosystems trends and insights happening in Ai, VR, Block Chain, Space and more. #HaitianBusinesses #HaititechSummit #Haiti #Summit #Haitian #entrepreneur #HaitianProfessionals #Business #Professional #Airbnd #Google #Tech #techsummit #Growth #Success #historyinthemaking #innovation #groundbreaking #smallbusiness

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ᴋɪᴄᴋ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴜsɪᴄ ɪɴ 🎹

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Forgot to share the coolest #tech we saw in #vegas at #mblv . I've seen it for years in the trade mags + finally had a chance to play it IRL. Surprisingly tactile! #touchscreen #dj

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Cool moment where the JT9 pulls water up off the ramp

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