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Asher Andrew Chase; An Australian gentleman, with a thick, heavy accent. A hopeless romantic, with the smoothest compliments you'd ever hear, but he is sadly the type of guy you would not bring home to mom. Although he is a reincarnation of a version of James Dean; devilishly handsome with leather jackets, a cigarette dangling from his pale pink lips, temptation that radiates from lust once he speaks your name, or looks your way. Asher lives for the fast lane, craves the unkown, an adventurous soul that doesn't mind getting into a little trouble. He usually finds himself through drugs, an avid alcoholic, who likes to meddle with the taste of death. A junkie that enjoyed living freely at his own cost. An unknown soul that no one has discovered, an unanswered question that is so underground, but uniquely beautiful. He is the type of friend you'd never would want to let go of. The best time of your life could be found through him. He doesn't bite, so don't be Afraid to comment or dm him. :-) Asher is happily related to: @laughsinsarcasm her older brother🌹 - { #heathledger #artsy #tumblr #grunge #art #indie #daddyrp 🌸 #daddy #bisexualrp #weed #drugs #tbhandrate #tbh #rates #openrp #closedrp #roleplay #rp }

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