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My name is Ehsan. It's pronounced 'S-N'. Apparently it means perfection or excellence, but I don't think I'm living up to that right now... There's one person who calls me Essen in emails all the time. I'm not a city in Germany, lady. But once, a sweet old lady called me Edith multiple times in a conversation, that was pretty funny. I don't really care what you call me though. Anyway, I had a point to make: although I used to struggle to say that I have or had depression and anxiety (mainly because of feeling guilty since I have food, water, a bed) - I, Ehsan, will confidently admit it. For all our advancements, why there is still irrational social stigma around depression, particularly for males (not discounting females' suffering at all), is frustrating. I've already ranted about our flawed concepts of masculinity, so I won't go into it again - but those concepts are the cause or at least one. Don't be a man, be a human. And then be a man. However you wanna define that term. As minuscule and insignificant as it is, being honest and expressing myself in my captions and art is an attempt to show that if I can be honest about my feelings to thousands of people (don't know how many pay attention to my words though), some of which know me in person, then you can reach out to one person for help if you are struggling - a loved one, a professional or a stranger (me!). Expressing yourself does wonders, it really does. This is coming from a super skeptical, cynical person. If it encourages just one person to reach out for help, I'll know I've added substance to my existence. I hope you know you have nothing to be ashamed of. ------------------------------------------ SOTD: 🎵Foxygen - How Can You Really🎵

5 minutes ago

Random "doodlemation" i made on an old collage of mine because reasons... 🤔🤓🤡🌻

8 minutes ago

Bay View Gallery Night. This Friday. Many artists, bands and good vibes. I will have a display at Razor. 2340 S KK. 6-9:00. Cheers. #bvgn #bvgn2017 #calatrava

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