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Ohh yes we are! When I think about the societal and physical expectations placed onto women-as wrong, unfair and unjust as some of them are, to see how were STILL able to handle it, I just sit back feeling proud. We can handle it, the toughest battles are given to the strongest soldiers. I feel like when a society oppresses a group of people, it's because those in power feel threatened. Not only​ for them to maintain order but to ensure these strong groups don't advance them as they so capably can. We have the gift of creating life🌱 Pregnancy is a normal conditions we've become so used to but damn..When you think about it that's alot of strength one must have to do the job and not only bear a child in the womb but to be a mother and raise a beautiful soul to their full potential is incredible. (Love to all parents, including dad's who do an amazing job of raising their kids and mentally and emotionally supporting their other half in the process). Pat on the back to us ladies for our resilience and strength. We gain more strength in our unity, let's try to show more love to our fellow females: support & empowerment👊

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✨Last week we had a super 'new moon' 🌙 in Gemini . New moons are a great time to set new intentions and plant the seeds for creative projects. BUT... with a 'super' new moon (named as such due to the closeness of the Earth to the moon in distance) we are given SUPER fertile soil to seed anything we desire. So while we are still in the fresh, fertile waves of the moon beams, what intentions, ideas and creative babies would you like to plant? Think B. I. G. 🙌🏽 soul travellers.... the universe has your back on this one❣️🌱💛🌓🌑🌗🌟🌸😍🦄💚🌲✨pic @scribblesbynicole 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 #supermoon #spirituality #meditation #passion #inspo #dream #positivevibes #courage #inspiration #positivity #dreambig #love #bethechange #growth #healing #astrology #luna #believe #strong #strength #confidence #abundance #intuition #success #consciousness #awakening #yoga #manifest #goals #goalsetting

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But are you💭💭...What measures are you going to take to change it?

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You have the power to terminate it. When fear makes its way into our thoughts it tell us what to do..It controls and limits our decisions and capabilities. Some people more than others are easily triggered to fear. I've noticed with myself, fear has kept me in the same unfulfilling place for a long time. What a waste of energy, stress, anxiety and time being in fear. And for the times you're pushed through your fear you realize it wasn't so bad and you were stressing over nothing. Remember the fact that fear will lose, it's within you to make it happen. 💭

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