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6 hours ago

Late Morning Kiss. Couples/Rituals/Paul & Sergio. #gruenhotz Choreography: Sergio

22 hours ago

Rain Training✨ WOW! Big day you guys! We actually got on Rain today and she didn't even bat an eye!😍 we started out doing more Jeffery's (like I did in the last video) and she did so well that we decided she was ready to move on! Joe will be doing all the riding with her because I am waiting till I graduate college volleyball to ride again since I blew my shoulder last season with a horse accident. I decided I could wait till this fall and not risk my senior season, and because that's right around when Kota will be closer to 3 also! So Joe will be doing the riding portions on her till at least fall😊 Today he started out just getting on her, wiggling around for only a short time and then hopping off. He did this several times and then when she did well with it, he stayed up there for a little while just petting her and stuff. I was there just in case she took off so I could disengage her hindquarters and gain control. SO proud of this girl! She is turning into a whole different horse with steady lessons and gaining so much more confidence in herself😊💕👍🏼 P.S. Yes we know Joe isn't wearing ideal riding shoes, he has a fat sprained ankle right now and so doesn't even fit in his cowboy boots😂 but we figured with something stationary like this these shoes were fine👍🏼 . . #horse #horses #horsesofinstagram #horsestagram #horses_of_instagram #applythemethod #horsetraining #eqine #stud #prettyboy #reininghorse #cutting #prospect #yearling #summer #spring #country #countrysiyde #countrylife #countrygirl #countrylife #countryliving #baby #babyboy #grass #photography #photo #gorgeous #beautiful #horsetraining #horsetrainingnaturally

13 hours ago

This horse just does anything we ask of him. He's such a good boy.

2 hours ago

my not so little bro graduated (8th grade) today!!! watch out ladies #stud #brainz 🎓

14 hours ago

Working from home 🏡 😝

16 hours ago

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! The big old 21✨✨✨ love you lots munchkin, can't wait to celebrate all weekend with you! #stud #twentyfun

10 hours ago

me and the boys caught ole boy slippin last night.🙈 #Stud

14 hours ago

#tbt 2012 sophomore year University of Florida #stud

6 hours ago

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