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2 minutes ago

Beautiful swim this morning post training. 3rd day NLP course down the GC. #beautiful #swim

4 minutes ago

Last night ran into this sexy beast at the gym and we was killing it as alway's ! ✊🏽 Don't let these pretty faces fool you we can lift some heavy [email protected] !!!!!!!!! #train #fitness #strongmoms #stronger #determined #focused #driven #liftheavy @strongmom_cg MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT ALL HER DESIGNS @strongmomdesigns #tshirts #htx #houston #baytown #texas #strong #womenthatlift #womenwithmuscles #womenempowerment

4 minutes ago

Started my morning with some trail running with some beautiful souls. Got home and showered up to start work. As I was toweled dried my hair I caught a glance of what 47 looked like on me. I saw myself in the mirror and just smiled. I thought to myself not too bad for an old lady 😂🦄🐒. Today I was asked my age and a young "chicken" said WOW, you don't look like you're 47. I told her, "don't let an age define YOU, YOU have the power to define how and what you want to be at any age". She smiled and I gave her a hug and pointed at an older man zooming down the mountain. I said I wanna be like "that" when I'm older. #goals .. .. .. Beautiful skin glows with some natural products I've been using from @sahajanskincare. Excited to work with them this year and look forward to sharing my results with you.

5 minutes ago

It's not always about being perfect and getting your workout in when you normally do - it's about getting it in and setting an example for others, especially your family! Decided to read this morning instead of working out - bc my brain needs work too - so I needed to get my workout in after work and after I talked to my accountability partner! Did Shaun Week abs 25 and then grabbed the hubby to do Joel's newest workout Lift and HIIT - 17 minutes of fun! 😊 Then Preston wanted to do the kids workout he saw on the screen and he did the whole thing! So today - do something out of the ordinary that will inspire someone else to better themselves too! I believe in you - trust and believe in yourself. And remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! 💜

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