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We often go for what we think we can do, not what we truly want. What we truly want often seems a big stretch. But the truth is, what's possible for us is far closer than we can ever imagine. All we need to do is have tiny shifts in the way we think.l to see what's really possible. That's all. The rest unfolds in front of us. In our society, it may look crazy to THINK we can do anything in life. But it's actually normal to KNOW that. . . The difference is between THINKING you can do anything vs KNOWING you can. Thinking you can do something requires belief in it. But wen you know you can, it's beyond belief. This is when you can see what's possible. It's when you're playing the game of taking action. Action destroys beliefs. Slow down to see the possibility, then take action on what you see. . . #shenancharania #coach #lifecoach #love #action #passion #purpose #inspire #know #belief #imagine #possibility #leadership #thinkaboutit #stretch #vancouverisawesome #vancity #vancitylife #vancouver #realize

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Day 2 of #OmstarsYoga challenge was #EkaPadaRajakapotasana ⚜️ 🌸Hosts: @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga 🌼Sponsor: @omstarsofficial This kinda sorta happened for me last night despite my body being super tight. Then, I kept either cutting off my head or legs when taking the shot, so after the 10th attempt and my phone dying, I called it a night and went to bed 😆 I promise this faceless yogini is me lol 🤗 #yoga #yogeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogalife #yogalove #yogajourney #flexibility #backbend #stretch #asana #longhairdontcare #yogapants #yogini #abstract #buddha #om #yoginidemi

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Today is day 1 of our personal challenge. We are working towards splits! Including the box splits 😱!! I think my biggest challenge is going to by squaring my hips in normal splits, and everything to do with the box splits! We will be posting our progress twice a week (? TBC!) and are welcoming everyone to join in with us. Pixie will be turning 50 early January 🎉so we aim to have our splits perfected by then!!! #PixieAndAnneSplitsProgress with @pixi_ani and me @nairn_yoga_lady. . . . #splitsprogress #journeytosplits #operationgetbendy #hanumanasana #monkeypose #splits #stretch #boxsplits #middlesplits #wecanandwewill #2017goals #ambitious #strongwomen

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From next Monday I will be starting a series of #sayfitnessrunningtips for those of you who are running any races this year, or perhaps it’s one of your New Year’s Resolutions to take up running! I’m starting off with a #stretch a day, because regardless of the type of training you’re doing it’s super important to stretch afterwards. By taking time to stretch (and really hold each stretch) you will reduce your risk of injury and promote repair and recovery of your muscles (less chance of those horrid DOMS the next day!). You’ll also help increase your mobility and flexibility. So make sure you tune in from next week and you’ll be nailing those race PBs in no time! 🏃🏾🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼 📷 @pepayepes

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Happy 🐪 Day 🤗

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💥💥💥Warm Up Exercises💥💥💥 2 weeks ago I made a post about my 3 lower body warm up exercises. This was one of them. Our version of an IR PAIL RAIL. Call it what you want but this is a great warm up for mobility and function. 1) 📖 opening up our hips like a book. Isometrically flexing our external and internal rotators as we open up our legs. This creates a greater range of motion and mobility for your hips. 2) 🔑 the key to this exercise is keeping tension between your legs and focusing on moving off your heels. Your knees need to touch the floor at each end, at the start and finishing positions. 3) ⏰ time under tension here. TAKE YOUR TIME. Focus on the movement and time your BREATHING!! Tomorrow I will go over the next exercise in the sequence which was the goblet squat. Let me know what you think of this especially once you've tried it yourself. Stay tuned for tomorrow!! ✌🏼

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Bending and lunging and flowing today in my @teekigram leggings and Goon Squad sweatshirt cause that's the kinda day I'm having 😏✌🏼

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