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Oh we've been good and practicing every day this week! We are a little sore but in a good way! Other than Amy's left foot, it really feels like it needs to click/crack on the top (old fracture spot) but just can't seem to get it there! We didn't do a very good job of our photo crops in this one 😜 So things are moving along pretty quick, it's Amy's last day at work tomorrow then off to NZ in under a week 🤗 Bonnie's at the halfway mark 🤗 and how exciting is it that in around 20 weeks there's going to be a beautiful new person in the world 😍☺️🤗 we can't wait to meet her!! #jbean #twinasana #yoga #boatposevariation #yogahashtags #practiceandalliscoming #progressnotperfection #practiceandpatience #stretch #flexibility #homepractice #amyandbonnie #ajandbob #pregnantyoga #family

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Relax the muscles around your #neck with #musclerelease and #stretch . Here Im focusing on the #scalene , those at the right side of the neck picture. They connect your #upperribs to your neck, so you need some kind of assistance to poke at the right place. You might not find them right away, but no worries! There are many muscles on that area that you can release at this same way. Here I'm using a dowel, but any bar, including a broom, will do the work. Fix it against the wall, bent over, and look for pain. In a scale between 0 to 10, being 10 very painful, look for something like a 6 or a 7. Than breathe, take the pain as a brave person you are, and relax. Afterwards, stretch it like the picture shows. This will help improve your #posture soooo much, besides aiding on less neck, and #headache pain. ----------------------- Aprenda a relaxar os #m úsculos em volta do #pesco ço. Primeiro faça #solturademusculo , e depois #alongamento . Aqui eu estou trabalhando no #musculoescaleno , que conecta o pescoço a parte superior da #costelas .

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