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When you are depressed you are looking towards the past. When you are anxious you are looking towards the future. The way to live is to stay in the present moment. #Meditation is the skill necessary to enjoy your life. Stay in the moment and not take it for granted. A #MindMachine helps you get into a meditative state using light and sound technology. Lights will gently flash in the lenses while soft auditory plays in the headphones. This acts as a catalyst for the brain to calm itself making it easy for you to get rested and stay relaxed. Start meditating with our mind machine. Visit the link in our profile bio @laxman_relaxation_system or visit www.mylaxman.com #yesimeditate #meditation 🙏 #mindbodysoul #relax #stress #stressed #sleep #meditations #peace #mindful #mind #yoga #spirit #spiritual #mindfulness #meditate #yogainspiration #happiness #bliss #balance #spirit #awareness #meditating #zen #centred #depressed #anxiety

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I've worked several #different jobs 💼 since I graduated high #school . I thought I really had made it 😄 when I landed my first full #time job! Problem was...I wasn't making enough #money 💵 to cover my #bills or #rent . So, I got a part time #job on top of my full time one 😩 After awhile, that wasn't cutting it ✂ anymore. So, my #fianc é and I moved to see if that helped our #bank accounts. Our days were sunnier 🌞 but nothing really changed 😐 with a 💼 job #change . It was beyond frustrating! 😡 I got another part time job to go along with my full time gig...felt like I was going in a 💫 circle! I was forced to leave that part time job with due to #problems 😷 with my full time job... I felt lost. ⠀ ⠀ I didn't know what to do. I was #broke , 😫 #stressed , and still had bills to pay 💳 with no real means to do so. I needed a #solution but didn't know ❓ where to look or what I was looking for. I was praying for a #miracle . 🙇⠀ ⠀ Scrolling through my #Facebook feed one day, a girl I know had posted something about a 'Crazy Wrap Thing' and how it changed her 💁 #life--- from only wanting to earn an extra $500 month for 📚 #student #loans 💰 to now earning $17,000 a MONTH. Not a year but in a MONTH. This got my 🙄 attention. I was curious, I needed to know myself so I 💻 messaged her. I became apart of this amazing company that day and haven't looked back---my life hasn't been the same since! I'm happier, #stress-free , and have so much more 🇺🇸 #freedom to do what I want! And I'm on my way to earning 👉$2,000👈 a month! If you are curious how you can quit your part 🕛 time job OR even your #fulltime 💼 job, message me 📲 at 815.975.7058 and let's chat!

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I have so many reasons why I drink smoothies every day. And all of them are worth the hype the smoothies get on the interweb💻⠀ ►►⠀ But my faaaavvouuuurrite thing about smoothies is how freaking fast you can make them without missing out on flavour or nutrients.I want it all but I am lazy. Smoothies are THE solution. They can honestly be worked into any diet, schedule and taste preference. ⠀ ►►⠀ Are you lazy too? Read more about why smoothies are the bomb dot com:⠀ ⠀ http://bit.ly/smoothiehype⠀ ⠀ #smoothies #smoothietime #lazy

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Fallen leaves on the ground 🍃🍂 (On a side note, school has been severely stressing me out 😓)

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