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3 minutes ago

When you #stress out, things will stress out around you. Always control your thoughts and pacify any unnecessary stress. Control your vibrations and you are the master of your own harmony

7 minutes ago

There's Something for everyone! 😉 👌 🍆🍇🍅🍒 Need more fruits and veggies in your diet? - #greens 🌃 Not getting enough #sleep ? 😮 Need to be a bit more #regular gas pains? 💪Need that extra boost to gain that Lean #muscle 🏊🏂 doing everything you can to Lose that weight but it's not working? Need that Extra boost? 💅 Need help growing your hair, nails, AND get healthy skin? 😒 going through a lot of stress? 😣 Troubles with anxiety? Want MY Discount?! Plus so much more perks? COMMENT below and I'll message you with more info!! 😉😍💎 #wrap #wrapitup #greens #healthyeating #healthyyou #healthylifestyle #cleanser #detox #bodybuilding #energy #nails #skinny . #anxiety #stretchmarks #stress

7 minutes ago

i'm just not even going to bother trying with a caption - Elly credit: @berrydropslime

7 minutes ago

Skog. Sol. Promenad. Precis vad jag behövde idag, trots att kroppen sa till mig att sova. Det är mycket trötthet att kämpa mot just nu. Men under veckan har jag dock hittat en viktig pusselbit som tidigare saknats. Nu är det lättare att blicka framåt. #promenad #sol #skog #psykiskoh älsa #stress

8 minutes ago

I miss mommy so much. She's been in Taiwan for over half a year and counting. She lost so much weight due to stress... hurts so much to see her in pain due to grandpa being terminally ill... though there's no plans yet to go visit her and grandpa soon, I hope she knows that I love her and that I'm fine taking care of myself 🙂

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